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Nov 12, 2006 12:04 AM

Vietnamese Food (not Pho Pasteur)

I used to date a guy who's mom was from Vietanm--she made truly authentic dishes, I find that Pho Pasteur does the more "trendy" dishes- Anyone know of a good place???

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    1. Pho 2000 has my vote too.

      1. Anh Hong for 7 kinds of beef and fish.

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        1. re: limster

          Seconded. The pho broth there is very well spiced. Plus, they do a lovely creamy avocado shake.

        2. Xinh Xinh on Beach St, Chinatown.

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          1. re: MC Slim JB

            I have to agree with MC Slim JB - it is hard for me to eat Vietnamese anywhere else in Boston if Xinh Xinh is an option (and it almost always is since I can walk there from home in 10 minutes). Though Xinh Xinh is in fact there because Nam Vang was driven out by the skyrocketing rents in the new condo-filled Chinatown, the management and staff maintain the friendly local feel or the spot, trying to make anyone who walks in feel welcome and sometimes stepping out front to coax people in who are looking at the menu.

            I am not really sure what you mean, Salbert, by 'truly authentic', but Xinh Xinh does have several things that you will not find in your typical Pho Pasteur/Le's type joint that caters primarily to the non-Vietnamese. Duck with fresh bamboo shoots, dried noodle 'soups' with broth on the side, congees, durian shakes, to name a few.

            I forget the name, but there is a Vietnamese/Chinese place around the corner on Harrison that has 50+ varieties of noodle soup, some of which include things like quail eggs, pig feet and udon which one does not ordinarily find.

            Limster and others in the know, what is the sketch on 7 kinds of beef? I have heard Anh Hong and Pho Hoa mentioned as places to get this dish - which is superior?

            1. re: elbev

              I haven't had the 7 kinds of beef at Pho Hoa, so I can't compare. I did prefer Anh Hong's version to that of Pho 2000. And aslo having the 7 kinds of fish for a total of 14 courses makes Anh Hong more attractive imho.

          2. Would love to find a place in Greater Boston that does a decent rendition of cha ca (oily fried fish dish from Hanoi - I got hooked on it).