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Portland - Pearl District

Looking for dinner recs for a visit to the Pearl district. Any suggestions?

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  1. Anything special you're looking for? Several good restaurants in the Pearl.

    1. I'd go to Park Kitchen.

      1. Looking for seafood or anything that is distinctly Portland.

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          Well, if you're looking for NW ingredients and a casual Portland style, but creative and interesting food, Park Kitchen is your best choice in the Pearl, I'd say. Although, my last couple meals there have been a slight step down from previous ones. And desserts are a shadow of their former glory.

          Note that the Pearl is part of NW Portland and west across I-405 is "Northwest" Portland/Nob Hill (most roads go under and the streetcar connects to this neighborhood) and several other good options are here. I would suggest Wildwood for local ingredients in a slightly more formal atmosphere than Park Kitchen.

          There are less "local" options that are every bit as good, arguably better, in both of these neighborhoods, but I think these two fit your request best.

          Check out my tipsheet if you haven't already:


        2. I find most places in the Pearl to be overpriced or a little too trendy for my taste. I do like Sungari Pearl Chinese:


          Another place that might interest you is Paley's (just outside the district):


          1. Pho Van in the Pearl has great food, nice atmosphere.

            1. Pho Van has changed its name, its decor and its menu. Still owned by the same people, though. Now called Silk. I haven't been there since the change, though, so can't comment on the food. I agree with Park Kitchen, though, it's great. Also, I like Fenouil, though it's definitely more formal.

              1. I went to Pho Van before its name change to Silks. I was with my father-in-law and mother-in-law. Looking for pho. Guess what, no Pho.

                I like Fenouil, Olea, Andina. That French, Mediterranean (sort of) and Peruvian.

                Oba is kind of fun in a loud way.

                Is Park Kitchen in the Pearl? What is the exact borders of the Pearl? I actually thought it was closer to Chinatown. It is pretty good, although the service sometimes can be stupefyingly slow. I think they are understaffed there.

                I think there's a new place called Ten-01. Haven't tried it yet.

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                  The trend these days is for any restaurant/retail business that wants to appear upscale to redefine it's location as the Pearl even though it might be several blocks outside the district. I do believe the N. Park Blocks are part of the Pearl.

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                    I think if it's west of Broadway, it's The Pearl. Here's the neighborhood association's map:


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                    I know pho was always on their previous lunch menu. It's on their other locations' lunch and dinner menus.

                  3. We had our annual Pearl Block Party in early September (generally thought to be for Pearl residents only) where several restaurants and breweries/wineries particpate with free samples. Silks and Jake's Crawfish offered the most outstanding samples this year, and you know that I went back for fouths and maybe more! Silks offered their excellent Vietnamese Baby Backs that just melted in the mouth. Jake's came through with both Shrimp and Crab Cakes (with abundant seafood).