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Nov 11, 2006 11:42 PM

Portland - Pearl District

Looking for dinner recs for a visit to the Pearl district. Any suggestions?

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  1. Anything special you're looking for? Several good restaurants in the Pearl.

    1. I'd go to Park Kitchen.

      1. Looking for seafood or anything that is distinctly Portland.

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          Well, if you're looking for NW ingredients and a casual Portland style, but creative and interesting food, Park Kitchen is your best choice in the Pearl, I'd say. Although, my last couple meals there have been a slight step down from previous ones. And desserts are a shadow of their former glory.

          Note that the Pearl is part of NW Portland and west across I-405 is "Northwest" Portland/Nob Hill (most roads go under and the streetcar connects to this neighborhood) and several other good options are here. I would suggest Wildwood for local ingredients in a slightly more formal atmosphere than Park Kitchen.

          There are less "local" options that are every bit as good, arguably better, in both of these neighborhoods, but I think these two fit your request best.

          Check out my tipsheet if you haven't already:

        2. I find most places in the Pearl to be overpriced or a little too trendy for my taste. I do like Sungari Pearl Chinese:

          Another place that might interest you is Paley's (just outside the district):

          1. Pho Van in the Pearl has great food, nice atmosphere.