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Nov 11, 2006 11:27 PM

Red Bones at Davis - worth it?

Hi there
Has anyone eaten here recently, and if so, how was the experience?


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  1. I love Redbones. Never been disappointed. I especially like their selection of sauces and the delicious cornbread.

    But I'm from New England and don't have any preconceptions about what "real" BBQ should be.

    1. We go more for the festive atmosphere and the beer than the food, plus it's right in our 'hood. We were there this past Wednesday. His brisket sandwich was "okay" (he thinks it pales in comparison to Blue Ribbon and keep in mind that he spent 6 years in TX). I had the grilled fresh fish of the day (mahi mahi) - cooked better than I expected...not at all dry. So I can't complain. Cornbread was good, fries had potential but were on the soggy side. A couple of people in my group ordered the stout and were mightily disappointed - they were beyond flat and they just tasted "icky.". They are featuring beers of the Northwest right now, and the Maritime pale ale was good, though. If you do go, try to snag one or two of the kitchen counter seats - you can watch and banter with the hard-working, friendly guys in the kitchen. They'll send out complimentary small plate after small plate until you beg for mercy. Then, be sure to pin a healthy tip to the laundry line - definitely the best seat in the house. In general, Blue Ribbon gets much better reviews on this board (however, they have no beer).

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        Did you happen to notice if they have Fat Tire as part of the featured beers? Thanks!

        1. re: Angel Food

          Couldn't remember, so I checked out the website (which is usually up-to-date). Currently, no Fat Tire.

          1. re: Angel Food

            had the amazing pike xxxx stout...unreal ... i think most of the beer was from OR/WA/MT not so much CO

            1. re: MaineRed

              I guess I was thinking of Fat Tire as NW because I enjoyed it in Seattle this summer! I still check it out though. Thanks!

        2. I'm not a huge rib fan, so I often get the fried catfish, and have had good luck with other fish dishes as well. DH usually gets the St. Louis or baby back ribs and is generally happy with them. We also like the greens, though sometimes they could use a bit more draining. . . Our experience has been that if you don't like something, say so, and they'll take it off your bill. Sitting at the counter is really fun!

          1. Probably my second favorite full-service BBQ place around. I think East Coast Grill has better execution, but the prices are definitely harder. Is the food transcendant at Redbones? No. But I think the value is outstanding. Even with beers, a stuffed belly, and tax and tip it's tough to spend more than $20-25 per person.

            Don't like the beef ribs at all. Really enjoy the BBQ hash, the pulled pork, and the St. Louis ribs.

            Third the kitchen counter recommendation.

            1. I like Redbones a lot. I recommend it.