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Nov 11, 2006 11:25 PM

Scones - what do you like?

I made a batch of dried cherry/crystallized ginger scones today, and it was a great combination.

So tell me, what "extras" do you like in your scones?

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  1. I absolutely LOVE scones. They are by far my favorite breakfast bread-dry and just perfect for dipping into a strong cup of coffee. I don't care the ones that have icing on them but love just about any other flavor combiantion-the "healthier" sounding, the better-nuts, dried fruit, citrus zest-I enjoy it all.

    1. Citrus zest. Almond extract is a nice touch.

      1. Have you tried sweetening your scones with honey instead of sugar? That's my favorite. I also like them with toasted pecans. Crystallized ginger rocks.

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        1. re: Procrastibaker

          This was the first time I've ever made scones. Next time I'll use honey. Do you use the same amount as sugar?

          I love crystallized ginger and am always looking for interesting ways to use it.

          1. re: QueenB

            I have a couple of scone recipes I love. Here's the one that calls for honey:
            2 c. flour
            2 t. bkg powder
            1/2 t. bkg soda
            1/4 t. salt
            1/2 c. cold butter
            1 egg, separated
            3 T honey
            1/3 c. buttermilk (can sub by adding a dash of white vinegar to regular milk)
            1 t. water
            2 T sugar
            1/4 t. cinnamon (optional)

            1. heat oven to 400
            2. in lg. bowl stir flour, powder, soda and salt; cut in butter to make a coarse mixture
            3. in small bowl beat yolk with honey and buttermilk until blended; add to flour mixture
            4. shape dough into an 8" round about 3/4 in. thick (don't overwork the dough; it's ok if it's kinda crumbly-- this is a flaky scone not a biscuity one); cut into wedges and place on greased cookie sheet; you can also divide the dough into two rounds and gently press berries or diced fruit onto the bottom round then cover with the other round for a layered fruit scone
            5. optional: glaze with egg and h2o and sprinkle with cinnamon mixed with sugar

        2. roughly chopped pitted prunes and English walnuts, lots of both

          1. key lime and white chocolate
            pumpkin w/ chopped pecan pralines mixed in
            apple and brown sugar or caramel pieces
            basil, chopped sundried tomatoes, garlic, and parmesan
            bing cherries, hazelnuts, cinnamon, and hazelnut oil

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            1. re: Emme

              wht do you use for key lime flavor?.

              1. re: toodie jane

                i use key lime juice and rind... and of course, white chocolate chunks.

              2. re: Emme

                The key lime and white chocolate sounds great.