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Nov 11, 2006 11:08 PM

Quick bite very close to HP Pavillion in San Jose?

Looking for something very very close to the HP Pavillion in San Jose, i.e. less than two blocks, don't want to park more than once.

Willing to sacrifice quality for location and quick service. Not looking for a long sit down dinner, just a quick bite.

Any suggestions appreciated as I have never been to San Jose.

BTW, did someone manage to save the Donut Museum?

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  1. Dac Phuc in SJ is pretty close to HP Pavillion. Here's a good report on it. 198 W Santa Clara St, SJ.

    Or the new Amici's is on 225 W Santa Clara St (across the street from Dac Phuc. Haven't been to it yet.

    I don't think they saved the donut museum, though I'm not sure.

    I'd park in the FREE parking lots in Downtown SJ after 6pm weekdays & all day weekends and just walk to HP Pavillion.

    1. How about Poor House Bistro at 91 S Autumn St? It's only 2 blocks away from the Arena (still not used to calling it HP Pavillion). They serve New Orleans-type food. I've been there many times and I like the Oyster Po' Boys

        1. PeggySue on Pedro Square has great burgers. Also Seven on The Alameda for a more expensive dinner. Forget going to any food places inside HP pavillion - terrible food.