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Nov 11, 2006 10:39 PM

Westcester Pannetone Bakery?

someone told be that somewhere on New Rochelle road (don't ever know in which city or town) there is an Italian Bakery that is baking there own Pannetone. has anyone been to such a bakery and if so can the provided me with a name and adress. Am also interested in any other bakeries baking thier own Pannetone within westchester.

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  1. I'd be interested in fresh panettone *anywhere* this side of the pond. Great question monk.

    1. You might be talking about Chester Heights Pastry Shop on New Rochelle Road - it's sort of between Pelham, Bronxville and Eastchester. The number, says Google, is (914) 668-0862. It's a pretty decent shop, although I have a low opinion of Italian American pastries. Give them a call and find out...

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        Chester Heights Pastry Shop
        490 New Rochelle Rd
        Bronxville, NY 10708

        (914) 668-0862

      2. Chester Heights bakery, Italian? I would never have guessed. It's down a few stores from what used to be C-Town.

        They make (or bake) a small pastry that is a favorite of mine, what looks like a tiny turnover, filled with jam.

        1. The Sullivan Street Bakery in the city, makes the ultimate pannetone, baking on premises. If you go to their web site, I believe they will ship. It is only made at this time of the year.

          1. Thanks to all who responded. I am obtaning a sullivan St. panettone to test tomorrow. I also discoved that the zingermans gormet food catelog is offering pannetone they bake themselves so I am orderng one of those as well (one caveat to any who wish to try this method Zingerman's are VERY expensive. I called the Chester heighs bakey but they said they didn't do pannetone so it must be some other bakery (the search continues). Am also stating seperate thread for revieves of boxed panettones. (Since they falle a little out of the purview of this thread) thanks again to all.