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Nov 11, 2006 10:38 PM


I had the best sake I have ever had at Koi (NYC) about a year ago. It was an expensive bottle (about $65-85) and was unfiltered. We returned there not even a month later, and the waitress thought she had the right bottle; but it was far from it (very disappointing because she had no idea what I was talking about and actually brought a filtered sake to the table). Also, I know that my 'dream' sake had hints of persimmon in it. I cannot remember the name for the life of me and it was one of the sweetest, most aromatic tasting things I have ever ingested. I have been trying to chase it ever since.

Any suggestions for what this sake may have been? Or, to make it easier, can one recommed a cheaper version that may be similar to the above?

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  1. we went to the newly opened ZENKICHI in w'burg last night and they had two unfiltered cloudy white sakes on the menu. i had one that was on the sweet side, but i enjoyed it a lot. sorry i dk the brand names. i had one at SAKAGURA too a while back that i really liked myself, but again i dk the name. you might want to do some tastings at japanese izakayas to jog your memory and taste.

    1. Try Decibel or Kenka. Both are in the E. Village. Hopefully you'll find the sake.

      1. generally recognized as the best sake selection in NYC is Sakagura. Ask them what you are looking for an they can make informed suggestions. Another place with a large selection and a helpful sommelier is Matsuri on W 16th (in the Maritime).

        1. It might be nigori. It's unfiltered, milky white, and on the sweeter side of the sake spectrum. There are some very affordable options out there too!