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SoupMan is back at Eaton Centre !

A friend reported yesterday that the Original SoupMan kiosk in the sub-basement of the Eaton Centre is back in business after some months' absence.

Anyone tried out their latest offerings ?

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  1. I had a very tasty chicken chili there just there other day, however it was my first time and I was pretty shocked to learn that my medium sized bowl (with a little piece of bread and a banana I didn't want) was over 9 dollars. Don't think I'll be back.

    1. I ate there today. I shared a bowl of tomato zucchini with the bf. We actually got two pieces of bread and one piece of fruit. You could choose either an apple or orange with it. The soup was excellent. The cost was $7.50. Would I eat there again??? Possibly...Would be nice if it was a few bucks cheaper.

      1. Definitely going to check this out, anyone know how long he will be there for? When I was living in NYC I went to his place once, amazing soup but expensive! Probably the same here in TO...

        1. There are some pretty decent soups at the Trinity Church Cafe (just outside the Eaton Centre, across from City Grill). Some need just a little salt, or could use more spice, but they are generally fresh, homemade etc. They come with your choice of bread which is also pretty good - not upscale but good fresh challah, multigrain etc. In the summer they even have cold soups.
          Personally I love their Morrocan Tomato soup which is actually an African-style peanut butter-based soup.

          1. Enjoyed their "lobster bisque" (actually a well-seasoned chunky soup with 20% lobster claw meat) for $8.50 (cup) or $10 (bowl) -- included white or whole wheat baguette, Lindt truffle, and apple/orange/banana. The company is showcasing at this Eaton Centre location in hopes of selling franchises in Canada. Their kitchen is located a few steps away in the mall. It's not a bad option for eating in the mall. They also offer unsweetened iced tea in various flavours!

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              I just ate there for the first time last week. Had a chicken chili and really enjoyed it. Came with the usual bread, fruit and chocolate. It is quite expensive and I wouldn't mind if it was a little cheaper but I would definitely eat there again if I'm in the area.

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                Was just there again today, had the Corn Chowder this time. Delicious! I was also there at 12:30, the height of lunch hour, and there was quite a line for the soup. So that's good news I guess.

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                  One question. Is this place still around? Sounds expensive, is it worth it? I reside in Markham.

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                    Last I checked a couple weeks back it was still there and open ... I'll be dropping by on Saturday when I'm downtown again. Definitely a bit pricey, but the bisque has always been tasty.

                    They also sell the soups at some Loblaws; I picked up the Seafood Bisque at the Loblaws in Heartland (Mavis & Brittania over in Mississauga) ... I'm sure other Loblaws locations carry it as well.

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                      They had a kiosk at the Food Building in the Ex as well. I picked up three. The garden vegetable was quite tasty, going for seafood bisque next time I boil a bag up.

                      But pricey, yes. Don't think I would repeat a purchase at normal prices for their soups.

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                        Are the soups in packets any more reasonable than the soup they sell at the restaurant price wise?

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                          The Loblaws soups sold at the prepared foods counter are universal - I've had the stunning Morrocan 9-vegetable stew at the St.Clair/Bathurst and the St.Clair/Yonge location, and it is stunning!

                2. I tried the soup-man soups in the Food Building at the EX a few weeks ago, and I found them to be WAY too salty for my palate. The seafood bisque I had was impressive given the sheer amount of lobster in it, but the salt was overwhelming! Are the soups at the Eaton Centre any different?

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                    ...what I want to know is- is it better than the Soup Nutsy @ the TD centre?

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                      Everyone seems to focus ojn the prices @ the Soupman's place. My take is this - I am willing to pay for quality.

                      When I order a Big Mac combo with a muffin it costs me ~ $7.50. The other day I got the Soupman's soup meal (no drink) with an exceptional (and good sized) bowl of Beef Gumbo, Ace bread, an orange and small chocolate for $ 9.10.

                      That doesn't seem too out of line to me.

                      ALSO, I noticed that now that they have "re-opened" they seem to have more soups on any given day.

                  2. i heard that the soupman soups are being sold frozen.


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                      I am most excited about the UNSWEETENED ICED TEA offerings. . . . I hope that Canada finally adopts this long existent American tradition . . . . this might be the first step in that direction!!!!

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                        and this has what to do with soupman?

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                          tea=soup... jeez dont you see the connection.lol

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                            Holy sarcastic....I was replying to the comment someone made above that soup man also offers unsweetened iced tea....which is a rare thing in Toronto....

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                        Loblaws was carrying the frozen soups, but I don't know if they still are.

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                          in this week flyer at dominion they say they carry the soupman frozen