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Nov 11, 2006 09:26 PM

Via Allegro?

Looks very interesting, but is it worth the drive from the east end?

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  1. cool place....expensive....i enjoyed the meal i had there.

    1. Outstanding wine list: Wendy the sommellier and her team will cheerfully steer you to finds in the price range you wish and the style of wine that will complement your food.

      Occasionally the wait staff seems unfamiliar with the very eclectic menu.

      Some are huge fans of the restaurant's "meat programme." The quality is undoubted, but, unsauced, I find a lot of it dry.
      And some dishes seem overly complicated, gilded if you will.

      Simple things (and extravagant desserts) are my favorites to order: the foie gras, the pizzas, pasta specials - you can't go wrong.

      You can wear a suit and eat with four other suits, or be in jeans with your children - get the same service and welcome. That is a nice feature of this very sophisticated spot where, now and then, wonderful intentions and insistence on quality in a spacious, loud, exuberant setting don't quite add up to expectations.

      1. I've eaten there 2 or 3 times because it is one of the few "good" restaurants in the area. I've never felt it was worth the prices. The restaurant design offers no sound absorbtion, so as it fills up, the din is absolutely deafening. My sister requires hearing aids and it was very uncomfortable for her. Also went with my mother-in-law and it was impossible to talk (ok, so there is an upside).

        The food is well-presented, but not memorable at all. The place has been packed everytime I've been even mid-week. They also seem to get a lot of very large parties (must be the local business event place) and this quickly diverts the attention of even the best servers. If you get there early before the rush and noise, it might be better.

        But, to answer your question, there are too, too, too, many better options that you can find closer to home. Save the gas, cash and your ears.

        1. Right, Save your gas,cash and your ears you can better places closer to home.The food is good rest needs a lot of work.

          1. I have had terrific food there, I think they do fish particularly well.

            However, the pricy risottos for which they win awards -- I've tried them all and sadly, they were all horrid. Hard, undercooked, sour

            they often provide the little stool for your purse though, which always cracks me up

            imho, I'd just as soon not drive and eat at noce

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              Best steak in Toronto in my opinion - the can have it with a peppercorn sauce which is quite nice, or plain. The service is excellent, and the sommalier very helpful. Try only takes 15-20 min from the Beach area via the Gardiner (it's right near the hwy)