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Nov 11, 2006 09:01 PM

Remezzo in the wilds of Scarborough...quick review

Thank you to the hounds who suggested Remezzo at Warden and Sheppard when I was searching for a place to to take a new-mom girlfriend for a birthday dinner in her 'hood. The place had kind of 80's Italian resto decor, but the menu pleased her to no end!

Three girls had fried calamari (surprisingly tender!), garlic bread with cheese (memories of my fave snack as a waitress), veal piccata, veal marsala, a fettucini/chicken/spinach/sundried tomato pasta, followed by 2 desserts (chocoate torte, pecan-carmel supercrunch thing), 2 cappucino, 1 hot chocolate, 1/2 ltr decent Pinot Grigio and 3 cocktails - total 126.00...boy you can't beat those prices!

I have to say, I fully enjoyed my pasta and the girls ate everything on their plates..pronouncing it all "delicious" - veal was tender, garlic mashed were heavenly and veg, though standard broccoli/carrot combination, were perfectly cooked.

Our waiter was sweet, though a bit frightened of us after we requested a birthday table dance...he ensured we had what we needed, but kept his distance so we could have our girltalk.

Given the prices and the overall quality of the food, I would definitely head back if I were ever in the area again!

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  1. Glad you liked it! I also enjoyed my meal there recently, I think I had the veal parm. It was delicious from what I recall, and I also tried a bit of my dining companion's HUGE meat balls which were heavenly!! But mmm that fettucini sounds good, might have to go back!

    1. Me too! I'm really glad you enjoyed your adventure in Scarborough dining. I went through a similar experience with a preggers GF of mine that lives near Vic Park & Eglinton. That's where the Kelsey's rec came from. Thanks to you we can add Remezzo to our list. We just love scaring waiters.

      Hey, and when your friend is able to graze freely, try Zen Japanese on Eglinton east of Brimley. Shockingly good sushi at reasonable prices with those cute little booths for 4 at the back if you reserve.

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        Completely agree on Zen. We ate there over the weekend for the first time and were really impressed, especially with the range of appetizers, including perfectly broiled yellowtail collar.