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Nov 11, 2006 08:56 PM

Wings in Calgary

Hi !

Could someone recommend a really good place for wings in Calgary (and vicinity) ? I realize that almost every pub in the city serves wings but is there a place famous for it's wings ? (Kinda like the St. Louis Bar & Grill for those Torontonians on this forum.)

I went to Brewsters at the recommendations of a friend but their wings were so dry. Any drier and they would crumbled to pieces when I picked them up. :)

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  1. If you haven't already seen , then you should definitely check them out.

    Not sure if I've ever heard of a canonical wing joint, though. (Our St. Louis Bar & Hotel is famous for an entirely different set of reasons.) I had wings a couple of months ago at the Blind Monk, (10 cent Tuesday) and was satisfied with them. Certainly worth the dime.

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      I'd definitly try Schooner's Pub - Old Banff Coach Road

    2. Wow ! How the heck did I miss that ? Thanks Byex2 Baby !

      1. I never thought the wings at St Louis were up to the hype- now for wings, nobody could touch Mayday Malone's... but maybe my allegiance is just because that was my neighbourhood joint (MM is, or was, on Bathurst a block or so south of Dupont).

        I hardly ever order wings anymore; in Calgary the last bunch I had was actually at Moxie's on 17th and they were quite decent. I like places that give you real blue cheese dressing and not ranch.

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          1. I think the Regal on 14th makes the best wings in town... but i also like the wings at the Hound ... salt'npeppa. hilarious that hotwings site. they should post hot chicks on it!

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              I agree with the comment about the Hose and Hound - they have great wings. The wings are not too small, and they aren't overcooked. Plus it's not as busy there as some of the places on 17th.