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Nov 11, 2006 08:19 PM

Really Tasty Old Style Italian, Fun, Reasonable in Hollywood?

My daughter is turning 17-years-old tomorrow night. Her favorite food is Italian (pasta, pizza, etc). She asked for me to find a place in Hollywood.

Now, I know Miceli's (on La Brea) atmosphere sounds fun, but I read the messg. boards here, and someone referred to it as "edible." That scared me away.

My favorite place for Italian is Angelini Osteria. But that's not really the pizza sort of place my daughter is looking for, and will be too expensive for our large party, anyway.

If only Martoni's on Cahuenga was still around. That's the sort of place I'm looking for. Great food, red booths and hanging Chianti atmosphere - a place that makes you feel special the moment you walk in.

Am I asking too much? If so, is there anything sort of close?

Thank you in advance. I always know I can count on the Chowhound people.

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  1. I would have recommended Marino on Melrose (at Wilcox), but it's probably too expensive. Mario's son runs La Bottega Marino which is part-deli, but part restaurant. It may suit the bill.

    A little farther away is Al Gelato, which would fit the food part. But it's probably too informal for what you're looking for. It may be too small for a large party, but it's perfect for pizzas and pastas (and has a lot of dessert options).

    1. This doesn't meet your request of being in Hollywood, but C&O Trattoria in Marina del Rey has a fun, festive Italian atmosphere. I haven't been there since college, so I can't really vouch for how tasty the food is now, but it may fit the bill for your daughter's 17th birthday. Check out the pictures and menu on their website:
      It is great for groups, especially for birthdays. They seem pretty proud of their enormous portions, but that may work to your advantage for your large party!
      Good luck!

      1. Sounds like you are exactly describing Miceli's (on Las Palmas not La Brea), the food is good, not spectacular but the atmosphere matches your description exactly. Plus it's right in the middle of Hollywood and The Beatles ate there.

        1. Thanks, everyone!

          reszpeni convinced me...Miceli's it is.

          1. My thoughts exactly: Miceli's.