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Nov 11, 2006 08:16 PM

Specialty groceries in Worcester County

Does anyone know of any really good specialty markets in Worcester County? I'm thinking of places where we might be able to get really great, thinly sliced Italian deli meats and cheeses; hard-to-find spices and cooking ingredients; imported olive oils and vinegars; and organic ingredients and foods?

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  1. I'll chime in on some ethnic markets. Ed Hyders on pleasant st. for arabic and meditteranean foods. Georges bakery on 122. Syrian bakery with some good prepared foods and pastry. The other Syrian Bakery on Water St had fresh baked bread, lahmejun, pastry, booza ice cream, etc. On Millbury St. there is a Polish deli and a polish matket. Can't recall the name.In Rice sq,off 122 Palmas bakery has great Italiab bread, italian savory baked goods, and some good italian pastry. There is a Viet market on Green St for all your good Asian foods.

    1. Oliva's Market in Milford for the Italian meats, olive oils, homemade pastas, etc. My family has been going there for years. It's about 40 min south of Worcester.

      1. I'll second Oliva's Market in Milford, It's a small place located on Rt.16 in downtown Milford, easy to get to off of Rt. 495..definitely try a Porketta Sub..Pork spiced with Fennel, Fresh Garlic and Lots of Black Pepper..thiers is to die for !!!

        here is the website for them

        1. I travel to bellingham for Whole Foods. It's worth the trip.

          1. There is an Italian Market on RT 9 in Southborough @ the location of the old White's Corner Rest. It recently changed names. The have a good selection of deli meats, cheese, prepared foods, bakes goods & some unusual meat/fish/poulty (Pousin & wild boar). They also sell wine & dried goods imported from Italy. Mangia.