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Nov 11, 2006 08:14 PM

San Diego-Like HobNob and Hodad's, Need More

Will be in San Diego next weekend, Nov.17. We like "dining adventures" more than elegance on these trips. Two of our favorites are the Hob Nob restaurant and Hodad's. Looking for other suggestions along this line. Will be staying in Ocean Beach, but willing to drive most anywhere.

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  1. Super Cocina is one of the best dining adventures in San Diego. They are open from 9am-9pm, 7 days a week.

    Click the link for a map.

    1. Jimmie Carter's Cafe on either 4th or 5th. (In Banker'sHill/Hillcrest.)

      1. If you are very adventurous, try the Laotian dishes at Asia Cafe, 4710 Market St.
        See Kirk's reviews for ideas ( or or Ed's post (

        1. Since you are in OB, go to South Beach Bar and Grill on 5059 Newport Ave for their super lobster and fish tacos. The food coming out of their tiny kitchen is super fresh and very good.

          1. South beach is a must. Also try Rocky's on Ingram in PB for burgers, also Liars club on Mission is great, best beer selection in town (Lots of local beer, and good food). San Diego is quietly becoming the premire brewing city in the nation. Stopped by Thrid Corner again, good wine selection ($49 Silver Oak Cab), and good food. Try the Pate sampler, the chicken liver is top notch.


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              I endorse Liar's Club as well. Excellent bar food and great beer selection. Don't know if SD has caught up with Portland as a brewtown, but there are amazing ales and beers at Liar's Club - though my favorite is still Pliny the Elder which is out of Russian River (if memory serves). I also like the beachy friendly punk atmosphere of the place - and the jukebox rocks.