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Nov 11, 2006 08:09 PM

Blue Ribbon BBQ, in Arlington

Disclaimer: It's been years and years since I ate anything that one could call good 'cue.

My family and I ordered the meal for four, so we could taste a lot of what they offer at Blue Ribbon. We got ribs, pulled pork, and jerk chicken. I enjoyed everything a lot. There was A LOT of food, and lots of leftovers. The ribs were pretty much the "fall off the bone" variety, and I tend to like to fight a little for the meat, but the flavor was good. Three sauces accompanied the meat and I liked the tomatoey one that had some real zip to it, and the vinegar based, too. Sides were slaw (good!), baked beans (very good!), a container of thinly sliced pickle (great on a pulled pork sandwich) and ample cornbread. I had no room for chicken, but others liked it a lot.

This may all be old hat to you Boston hounds, but this little place will get my business again. The folks working there are very nice, too. I would have loved a beer or two with this meal, but it seems that Arlington is "dry"!

I notice that one of the "specialties" is pot likker with cornbread!

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  1. I don't know where you live or whether you prefer to eat in rather than take home, but I think the food is better at the West Newton Blue Ribbon, especially the baked beans. The Newton location doesn't have tables, but it does have several stools along a u-shaped counter. As a repeat offender, I've gotten to know the staff, who are generous with free samples to encourage tasting of new sides.

    As for beer, I have seen several folks at the Newton location bring their own to the restaurant, but I don't know if that's permitted in Arlington.

    1. Blue Ribbon rocks.

      Next time you go in, check out the "special" sides. Some of these are PHENOMENAL.

      1. Fall off the bone ribs is not typical at Blue Ribbon - I wonder if you got leftovers from the day before?

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        1. re: LStaff

          I doubt it. I just suspect Pat is using the term "fall off the bone" differently than most of us do. Leftovers from Blue Ribbon (which I've had out of my fridge many times) do not fall off the bone any more than "fresh" Blue Ribbon ribs do.

        2. I love blue ribbon but have had 'fall off the bone' ribs there before. My most recent ribs were that way and it kind of dissapoints me. I had a conversation with one of the guys and I like the way he put it "Everyone has an off day with some things".

          Maybe my ribs were just off. In the past they haven't been this way so I am not worried but I wouldn't refute that the meat was falling off the bone as I have experienced it in the past.


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          1. re: DaveB

            Well, I'm going to get their food again, the next time I'm in Boston. I'll order more "sides" then too. You Bostonians are lucky to have Blue Ribbon!

            1. re: Pat Hammond

              Pat -- on the weekends they have cheesy grits that are great and mac n' cheese which is not excellent but is pretty comforting on a day like today. You definitely have to go back and try more.