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Nov 11, 2006 08:04 PM

good place in montreal for large group - bar/restaurant/cafe..whatever

I run a website that has meet n greets each month. I need somewhere in montreal-- easy to get to by metro that can handle a group of lets say 15-25 ppl and will allow them to mingle. I dont want to go somewhere where we have to sit at a giantly long table. Nor do I want some place really loud. the website is about making friends so you have to be able to talk to each other. Currently our meet n greets are held at coasters bar and grill at la cite..which is a pretty good place i'm just trying to vary our locations a little bit.



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  1. This might be a somewhat random recommendation, but there's a café on St-Pierre in the Old Port (just a door or two up from Olive + Gourmando) that looks empty most of the time (it's more of a breakfast/lunch place), but they say they do group dinners on request... I've actually seen people there doing exactly what you're describing...

    1. Try L'Assomoir on Bernard - it can get loud but the back half of the resto is good for mingling, they have both a looooong table and booths.

      also the food lends itself to sharing - which is fun for groups.

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        I agree with l'Assomoir, but before reserving, you should check with the place if there's a live performance that night. If so, make sure you reserve at the front. I was there for my bday, we were a group of 15 people and were seating at the back. When the singer started to sing, we couldnt hear eachother speak anymore and it pretty much spoiled the evening. The atmosphere pre-show and the food were very good though!

      2. any other suggestions?