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Nov 11, 2006 06:54 PM

"Taylor Ham", "Pork Roll"'s over.

After growing up in NJ and loving it, moving to CA, and not having the stuff in some decade and a half, I found and bought a one pound roll of it at Bristol Farms last summer. I made me a pork roll, egg and cheese on a kaiser roll and sank into a pleasurable, opium-state food memory.

I sliced the rest up and froze it for future highs. The second time was not as good as the first. By the third time I knew the Taylor Hame reunion honeymoon was over. I tried agiain today, in all my optimism, and straight into the trash it went after one bite. What ever did I find appealing about this disgusting, overbearing, greasy, fat laden treat? It's only a memory now.

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  1. Should have been able to be frozen again (they probably had it frozen at BF when they got it).

    Best bet if there was a next time would be to not cut it up and re-freeze it in portions again. I don't think fat totally freezes. I don't know what the "use by" date was but 5-6 months more in the freezer proves it doesn't age well.

    1. Coincidentally, I just defrosted and heated up some ham that was good the first time around. Just now, it was rubbery, tough and due to the fact the defrosted ham exuded a lot of water - too salty. So, it could be that ham products just do not freeze well. But, on the other hand I'm sure that hammy processed stuff was full of chemicals. Today, it's pretty easy to find excellent small ready to eat hams without any chemicals or preservatives - Beeler's, Niman Ranch. So, try these and get your hammy thrills in a healthier way.

      1. Even though I'm just across the river in NYC now, I haven't been able to find Taylor Ham in any stores.. Until last week. I picked up a box with 8 slices and happily enjoyed a taylor ham, egg and cheese on a bagel the first day and then a taylor ham and cheese on a roll a few days later. Both times I was in heaven. Maybe its the freezing of the product that ruined it? My one box didn't last long enough to need to be frozen.

        1. There are many great memory foods for those of us who grew up in NJ. Taylor ham on white toast at the bar on Friday nights with the guys and a pitcher of beer. What were we thinking? Oh yeah, we were thinking of having some fun with the guys and lieing about girls.

          Every now and then I grab some HN Salami or balogna and slice it up, throw it in the skillet, turn and throw a slice of american cheese on and then place between two slices of white bread with mustard (brown gulden's). It tastes GREAT!!!

          1. this thread is timely for me, as i just ordered a 3lb roll for my s.o.'s birthday. it's also worrying, as one of the reasons i went with the larger roll as opposed to a smaller one was that the salesperson assured me that it would keep in the freezer. it sounds like this isn't the case, though. have i been conned? anyone have a good (or at least not-bad) experience freezing taylor ham?

            niki, have you had t.h.? if you're craving it, there's no way that an all-natural ham is going to cut it.