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Nov 11, 2006 06:29 PM

cuban or cuban/chinese

Any recommendations for good fried plaintains (not the crispy kind like potatoe chips, but the wonderful ones that are browned on the outside, and soft and sweet on the inside) and picadillo? Years ago when I lived on the UWS (and I mean the 70's - so I am sure it is not still there) there was a great place on BWAY at about 108th. The picadillo was a spicy stew of ground beef, with nuts, green olives and raisins. I will be visiting over Thanskgiving and would love to find a facsimile - preferably chelsea, w village, theater district, or UWS - although if you have a favorite elsewhere, I would love to hear about it.

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  1. There is La Criolla on Bway in the high 70s like 77th?
    Also a similar, but better criolla spot on Bway near 125th, near the cotton club...
    Those are both cuban/chinese but I havent been in a while...

    1. You'd be surprised how litle the Upper West Side has changed since you left. I think there are two or three restos like the one you describe on Broadway just north of 100 St.

      My favorite Cuban is in Queens:

      1. Flor de Mayo is a Cuban/Chinese on Bdwy and 100th Street. Might this be the place you went to years ago?

        1. Thanks. I can't remember the name of the place, but maybe we will go for a walk up Broadway and see what looks interesting. Glad to hear its not that different. Having read about all the new development in the area around 96th, I thought surely it had changed. The description of the food in Queens is wonderful - but we probably won't venture there. I just read the menu for the restaurant "Hell's Kitchen" - was surprised that they feature plaintains in several dishes. Here in Austin, Texas, no one cooks with plaintains much.

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            I remember the Chinese-Cuban place you're talking about around 108th. Was on the east side of the street, no? It's been closed for a few years now.

          2. I'll recommend Flor De Mayo, too. Although it's actually Peruvian/Chinese.

            I recall them using raisins/olives in the papa rellena.
            The sweet fried plantains are called maduros.
            The salty chip-like ones are called tostones.

            Any Spanish restaurant worth eating at will have both. I visited Little Havana (W. Village) for the first time last week. The maduros were underwhelming. The thing is, it's fairly hard to screw up maduros.