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Nov 11, 2006 05:36 PM

wine fridge help

I finally think I have found what to get hubby for christmas this year... a fridge to hold the few cases of wine we just bought in napa over the past month. I have done some looking on line, and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or thoughts. I am looking for something to hold around 2 cases or so of wine. prefer to have it freestanding in the dinning room or kitchen. I don't want to go crazy on price (especially since I have already gotten him other stuff). Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to go on line or if there is anyplace in the bay area that would be great too.

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    1. Mel:

      As a single gal and a current city apartment dweller, I got tired of the beer, wine and soda taking up the whole fridge. As you may or may not know, apartment fridges are usually "landlord" size (i.e. small). Anyway, I got online and found a great small fridge by Haier. It's essentially a mini-fridge, however it works great for beer, wine and soda. You can control your temperature, however I love my stuff very frosty, so I keep it set high. There are can dispensers on the inside of the door - perfect for soda or beer. There is also a rack inside the door for bottles, which I use for wine, especially the taller bottles. I lay my beer bottles / cans stacked flat on the shelves, of which there are three. I can also lay flat bottles of wine or champagne, as well as wine coolers or other such coolers. I use the bottom shelf for my Atkins ready to drink shakes. There is also a great little freezer, in which I store ice packs for my cooler and extra frozen stuff, however since I keep the temp so cold, stuff tends to get freezer burn in there, so mostly I keep ice packs and ice cube trays. Perfect for entertaining. I would hunt around online before spending too much. My fridge is a good 3 1/2 feet high by 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep and I only paid $139.00 from Wal-mart online DELIVERED!!! Happy Holidays!!!

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      1. re: mzrave

        Are we talking about red wines that you want to age?

        You want your wine cellar at around 60 degrees F, refrigerators are designed to stay in the high 30s.

        There are two-zone wine coolers that let you keep reds around 60 for aging and whites around 45 or 50 for serving.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          i am looking for one to store our drinkable wines, mainly reds. We do have a few whites, but red is the bigger concern.

          also, i did see the one listed at costco online and will continue to search. thanks for the help!

      2. Haier gets my endorsement. We bought a mid size for the kitchen some time ago and just added a larger one to the bar/den for company. We've been very pleased, good price range.

          1. We have owned this wine cooler by Danby for about 3 years.

            It has 2 different temps.. red wine on top, white on the bottom. We've been very satisfied with it, and altho you CAN build it in, it looks just fine sitting in the living room. It says it holds 51 bottles, but I find that 42 is more like it. Still, its great for storing our "treasures!"

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              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                We have one; we really don't notice any noise.

                We have it built in, as it is ostensibly so designed, but we have it raised a bit so that air can flow over and under it. There is no front vent panel, which seems odd for a "built-in" - but it works. Just so you know.......