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Nov 11, 2006 05:08 PM

Thanksgiving Vacation - where to eat?

Hi All -

I've been reading for close to 6 months and I'm more confused than ever! Places I had on my "have to" list have moved down and new ones keep popping up.

We're staying in Midtown and have 8 days in NYC. We're not the most sophisticated foodies, but we love a good meal. Because we're coming over Thanksgiving week - we know reservations will be tough and we'll be shopping, shopping, shopping - so we're really looking for 2 special meals - and the rest, places we can just show up at and get a great drink, a good meal and either keep going or head back to our hotel.

We're from San Diego - so Mexican is something we have a lot of here. Same with sushi and seafood. So I'm not really looking for those - but if there is something extra special, I'd love to hear about it.

Here's the current list:

Babbo was on it - until we called for a reservation, was offered a table at 11:15 November 27th and then we were told if it wasn't our preferred time, they'd rather not give it to us....????

I got a reservation at Del Posto - but after reading the recent reveiws, I'm not sure that will work. I'm thinking of cancelling unless we do the Enoteca...

For my birthday, she wants me to have a tasting with a wine pairing. Something I haven't done. So - if someone knows a great place for that, I'd appreciate it.

So - here's the list

Some type of cart meal - girlfriend HAS to do this.
I think 'ino is a have to.
Otto - if only for the gelato.
Bar Americain - for my girlfriend. I heard lunch is better than dinner?
Blue Ribbon - don't know which one
Peter Luger's for lunch
John's Pizzeria

Any additions would be great. We'll be all over town - so where it is isn't really a problem.

Thanks for your help! I promise reviews when we get back.

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  1. Eleven Madison Park does a great tasting menu - I haven't been, but it gets rave reviews on the board...

    I'd also be sure to add bagels from Ess-A-Bagel. And maybe some falafel/schwarma from Azuri Cafe on 49th St. near 10th Ave., since I don't think there's a lot of Israeli food in San Diego... "The cart" is on 53rd and 6th, I think (there should be at least one thread about that).

    Happy chowing, and enjoy your visit :)

    1. Definitely postitively do not go to Bar Anericain for lunch or dinner, totally overpriced and horrible food. Many posters dislike this one. I think that this one is fairly unnanimous in its dissenters. Katz, Lugers, Cibo and Johns are all good choices. I have been to them all and would definitely go again. If you really want Babbo, you can go early around 5pm and see if you can get one of their no reservations tables in the bar or eat at the bar. I find the bar area too crowded since it is usually filled up with people waiting for a table, but the food is good. The one time I ate there and it was good, I made a reservation exactly one month in advance.

      1. Thanks so much for the help! Well - the itinerary is getting more and more complete. Here's the run down 9 days/8 nights - any input is appreciated.


        Clinton St. Baking Co
        H&H Bagels
        Lou's or Fluffy's (Around the hotel - Omni Berkshire...)
        Doughnut Planet


        Bouchon Bakery
        Peter Luger
        Gray's Papaya



        Snacks (if we have time or are munchie...)

        Pomme Frites
        Peanut Butter and Co


        Stanton Social
        Cibo for Thanksgiving
        Blue Ribbon
        The Red Cat



        Thanks for all of your help. If you're heading out to San Diego, let me know and I'll point you in the right direction.


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        1. re: Prism

          Danal and Clinton Street Baking Company are both great. I'm also a fan of Doughnut Plant (not planet). I haven't been to H&H for ages, but be aware that they don't sell any sort of bagel sandwiches and you have to put cream cheese on yourself. You might also consider going to Murray's Bagels (2 locations) or Ess-a-Bagel (haven't been but have heard good things). For lunch, Otto and Katz's are great ideas. I've never had lunch at Bouchon Bakery (only a few pastries), but be aware that there have been some recent negative reports. Red Cat is great for dinner. I'm not a big fan of the Blue Ribbon franchise (except maybe for brunch and bone marrow)--I think it's overpriced for not so great food.

          1. re: Prism

            went to stanton social on my last trip to NYC and it was fabulous. my bf and i each ordered 3 items and that was plenty for sharing, we were positively full after.
            the best item was the crab cake 'corn dogs', just out of this world!
            and the cocktails were excellent too!

          2. Wow. Your list looks great! I'm not crazy about H and H bagels (I think they're to sweet) but others like them. What a yummy list of places for lunch. You could consider Lupa for dinner. They probably won't give you anything over the phone but they hold many many tables for walk ins so you may be able to go and have a drink or two at the bar. The pastas are nearly as good as Babbo's (some say better) and the room has a great energy.

            For wine pairing dinner, I can't recommend Cru highly enough. It has one of the biggest wine cellars in the USA (65,000 bottles or something crazy like that). The tasting with wine pairing is the best meal I've ever had in NYC. Why not go for the gold if you're only here once?

            Anyway, enjoy your visit and please report back!