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Nov 11, 2006 05:08 PM

Ideas for White Center or Delridge neighborhoods, anyone?

I've been asked to give a bunch of recommendations for essential foodie or night life destinations in the White Center and Delridge neighborhoods. At least of a few of the folks on this board hail from those neighborhoods, or used to, so I'm hoping you'll help me out with a few favorite suggestions. Any and all ideas are welcome, many thanks in advance!

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  1. O.J., Check out The Tin Room in Burien. (Just South of White Center.)

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    1. re: Walters

      Thanks for the tip, Walters, but the furthest south I can go on my request is SW 116th street, west to 16th Avenue SW, north is roughly Michigan Way, and the east edge is around the Duwamish Waterway. I know, I wouldn't necessarily call all of that White Center/Delridge either...thus my shout out for help on places within that area for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks or nightlife.

    2. I think Muy Macho fits in within that zone...the Salvadorean Bakery should, too. El Chalan is another possibility. I've been there once and didn't have a fantastic meal, but I may have just ordered badly.

      Of those, Muy Macho is the only one I consider essential. The other two are both worthwhile in that you don't find much Salvadorean or Peruvian food in Seattle, but I haven't had amazing meals at either place.

      Len's Veggie Corral is a good little grocery.

      As far as nightlife, I can't really help much. About all I know about the White Center scene is that they have a McLendon's. :)

      1. Thanks, Evan. We took a trek over on Saturday, and checked out the Salvodorian Bakery, Cafe Rozella, 88 Restaurant, Pacific Rim Brewery, and Muy Macho, and passed by dozens of interesting looking other joints. Who knew you could eat and drink your way around the world in White Center/South Park? I saw Len's Veggie Corral (and the McLendon's) Forget the pho/tatto parlors/adult book joints, the weirdest establisments were the two golf and country clubs, complete with dining service for members. Hunh? In South Park? Gotta love it. Ethnic diversity at it's most complete.