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Nov 11, 2006 04:42 PM

my favorite ceaser salad

I found the BEST ceaser salad at Nook in West LA on Santa Monica Blvd. The special ingredient is chopped capers ( instead of anchovies) good! Does anyone else agree or have other fabulous ceaser salad places/suggestions?

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  1. The best caesar salad I've ever had had *deep fried* capers (a place up in Eureka, CA). If you haven't tried it yet, you must! The capers take on an amazing quality. (Probably best dried out in a low oven before deep frying)

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      Blair's in Silver Lake has fried capers in their salad. If fried capers are cutesy, I guess I have to rethink my position on cutesy...

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      1. I think that the "original" Caesar salad did not have anchovies (that said, I love the little critters in my salads)...I know that there has been some dispute over this.

        That said, the best Caesar salad in LA, hands down, is at Nick and Stef's Steakhouse, downtown. Made tableside, the romaine is crisp and cold, and the dressing is perfect every time.

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          My recollection of the original Caesar Salad is that smashed garlic cloves are marinated in evoo for 24 hours, the garlic is then removed, the oil is poured over the romaine, then salt and pepper is added and mixed, a 1 minuted coddled egg is then broken over the lettuce, the juice of 1 lemon is then squeezed over the egg, and then all is mixed, after which the anchovies, parmesan cheese and croutons are added. I like the idea of substituting fried capers, and am going to try it at home.

        2. Mme Zoe and I shared a Caesar at the Nook last Thursday night - plenty of the real Caesar flavor but I missed the anchovies (BTY the Nook is even better than ever, food is outstanding, short ribs, pork chop and divine dessers). Then yesterday we had lunch at the top of the new West at Sunset and the 405- THAT was a dynamite Caesar - very very crisp romaine whole hearts cut in two, anchovies and great dressing plus shaved asiago on top - finished every bit. Good food there too and they offer small plates (had the porcini ravioli and half a plate was definitely enough, it was so rich).

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