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Nov 11, 2006 04:31 PM

Spanish restaurant on Columbia St. near Alma?

As I was coming home from the airport the other day, I saw a Spanish Restaurant on a corner between Atlantic Ave. and Alma in the Columbia St. area. I can't seem to find it with google searching. Does anyone know what this is called or if it's any good? I know that it is spanish because it has a blue awning that says "Spanish Cuisine" or "Food" on the side. Thanks!

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  1. The place you saw is called Mucho Gusto, and it's not yet open. It's on the corner of Columbia and Kane streets. Also coming soon to Columbia, further down by Union Street -- a tapas place!

    1. We walked by last night and like you said, saw that it isn't open yet. Looks nice, though. I'm interested to see what it's like.

      1. Anything? It looking closer to being open but...?
        I drove past the other day, but 6 months since Chowhound chatter, still looked closed.

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          It's now open. I haven't been, so have nothing to report -- just thought I'd let everybody know.