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Nov 11, 2006 04:27 PM

Stoneground Bakery in Agoura

I searched for other threads on Stoneground and didn't find any ... hope this isn't obvious and repetitive.

I live and work on the Westside of Los Angeles and rarely go to 1000Oaks or Agoura or any of those places out there.

But yesterday found me working out there for a day and the guy I was with took me to lunch at a deli in a liquor store. Nothing chowish -- good tuna sandwich, that's all -- and the only notable thing was that the liquor store sold cream soda by the keg. Ooooookaaaay ....

But the bread on the sandwich was outstanding. I ordered sourdough. The guy I was with tipped me not to order a sandwich roll, to order bread, because the bread was made next door.

Really great sourdough taste and an almost crunchy crust. Best sourdough I ever remember tasting (I'm old ... oldER ... so who knows). Guy tells me ... two loaves for six bucks next door. So, I bought a couple.

Didn't taste anything else. They had the array of baked goods from breads to cakes to desserts. Place was busy. Later on I was told they make the high-end macaroons for Trader Joe's.

Stoneground Bakery is in Agoura. Off the 101 at Reyes Adobe ... turn left to Agoura ... that's all I know ... I could google it, but what fun would that be ...

Now, someone tell me this is common Chowhound knowledge

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  1. You mean this place right?

    StoneGround Bakery
    5005 Kanan Rd.
    Agoura Hills, CA
    (818) 597-8774

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    1. re: Ollie

      Sure, I think so.

      I googled the address and checked it on mapquest it looks just right. If you go, you'll know it's right because it's right next door to a liquor store/deli.

    2. They have a very good whole grain bread which I have seen sold in some of our local markets: Bristol Farms and Gelson's.

      What you will buy there is much fresher than that in the markets. I have found that their fresh bread is best if consumed that day or within a couple of days; it has no preservatives (perhaps honey?) and does not hold well.

      The bakery is great, and all of the servers that I have encountered over the couple of years that they have been there have been extremely nice and helpful.

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      1. re: liu

        I work very near there and get my bread there every week. They make the challah (sp?) bread for Trader Joe's. I buy the 9 grain and cinnamon-raisin regularly. Buy a cinnamon chopper for special occasions. : )