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Nov 11, 2006 04:11 PM

One Terrific Meal - the shining STAR?

My adult children will be joining me in New Orleans over Thanksgiving. I'll be down with family again for a week or so and will have time to eat at lots of my favorites. We'll be spending most of their time with family obligations so won't have much restaurant time. We have time for only ONE great meal on Saturday evening. They've been reared away from NOLA - sadly - but have visited often, eaten at most of the great classic places, know the food. And they really love fine food and wine, have traveled and eaten all over the world, etc.
What restaurant should we choose? Is there one shining STAR? Maybe some place re-interpreting the classics? Something that will knock theirs socks off? Price isn't an object.

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  1. i have yet to have anything short of socks knocked off at Dick and Jenny's, no reservations though. But the food is so so so good.

    1. Lilette, Brigsten's or August.

      1. If I could only eat at one spot, I'd go to K-Paul's. The food is unbelieveable, the atmosphere warm and friendly, these days Paul Prudhomme is usually around, especially on the weekends, and there is often a band. It's fun and fabulous.