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Nov 11, 2006 03:28 PM

Market Restaurant and Bar-Del Mar

Had our first visit to the Market Restaurant and Bar last night. (nee Black Horse Grill) Gone is the cold New York feel. The room is warmer, more comfortable and the bar area is now filled with tables. The place was crowded. The food remains top notch. I had an Oyster Cobb salad (four big fried oysters on a salad) and then the legendary short ribs. Superb. Just superb. (It's at 3702 Via De La Valle, just east of I-5 858 523-0007.)

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  1. good to hear b/c we're headed there later this week for dinner!

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    1. re: daantaat

      Ask them to put you at a table where Giovanni is the waiter. He is amazing!

    2. Went last night-quite busy but service remained top notch. (Thanks Giovanni!) Began with a french onion soup that had some of the richest broth I can ever remember having. Outstanding! For tha main course I had a Cornish Game Hen. It was split into quarters and each piece matched with a different vegatable. For dessert an apple and pumpkin tart with homemade ice cream. Superb just superb. There have been no reviews in the local papers but I urge you to go before the undoubted glowing reviews and the waves of customers descend on this place. (By the way, they have a revamped wine list with scores of really great wines on it!) No $$$ interest, just a fan!

      1. We are headed there tonight, really looking forward to it!

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        1. re: Alice Q

          What is the $$ damage factor at this place? Do they still have the buttermilk fried chicken? Inquiring minds need to know.

        2. OK Alice, how was it????

          1. we had an outstanding dinner last week. LOVED the twice baked mashed potatoes w/ black truffles--simply divine, wanted more! husband had the tuna which was the best cooked tuna I've ever had--moist, flavorful and not dry at all. beet salad was amazing, just the right punch of mustard and acid. blue cheese souffle w/ pear was also excellent, although I don't think he's using Point Reyes blue cheese b/c it didn't deliver the punch that I remember at Arterra. Pear soup for dessert hit the mark all the way!

            Damage really wasn't that bad (w/o alcohol). Entrees were around $20-25, apps around $10. Given that Taste of Italy charges $20-25 for their entrees and I'm sure their cook isn't as good as Carl Schroeder, it's definitely worth the trip.