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Nov 11, 2006 03:10 PM

Hot Sauce Specialty Store in New York City?

hi, i'm looking for a store that specializes in hot-sauces ... but (the kicker) also has samples of all, many or most of them. am willing to travel by car or subway to go to a place where we can sample and pick the right/best ones.

i used to go to a place like this in Austin (Sgnt Pepper i think). is there one in New York?

thanks in advance,

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  1. There's no place to sample hot sauces within NYC - but there is Peppers in Rehoboth, DE about 3 hours away if your willing to drive.

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      wow -- i am willing to drive, but Rehoboth DE is the closest? maybe i'll make a field trip sometime enroute to Philly, Baltimore, or WDC. thanks for the info!

      1. re: byrd

        thanks for the website, but the point is/was that i'm looking for places where i can go and sample -- if it were just shopping by brand and label, certainly a website is as good as a store without samples.

      2. Rumor has it theres a hot sauce store in East Rockaway, in nassau county on long island if youve got a car its like 35-40 minute drive ill post with furthur details later in the week as i have to go out to tthe island and will investigate.

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          yes, i have a car and i'll willing to travel. the rockaways are MUCH closer than Rohobeth! i live in Queens, so the rockaways are no big deal. i'll check back. thanks!

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            Despite the name East Rockaway is not in fact a part of the rest of the rockaways on the rockaway peninsula in queens, but rather a village in nassa county it lies near long beach and oceanside, as i saud im going there this weekend so i will check for you.

        2. Acme Diner on Bond Street in Manhattan has a huge selection of hot sauces for sale. Most of them are open on the tables so there is a chance to taste most of them.

          1. a little research came up with this in suffolk:

            The Hot Sauce Shop
            189B Portion Road, Ronkonkoma, NY (631) 467-9378

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              As mentioned in this link:
              Kalustyan's probably has the best hot sauce selection in NYC/Manhattan: Blair's Death Sauce, Yucateco XXXTra Hot, and about 100 others.