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Nov 11, 2006 03:08 PM

White Birthday Cake...white frosting...for Sunday

Any suggestions for something delicious to be picked up tomorrow in San Francisco. I would like them to write "Happy Birthday" on it. THANKS

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    1. Yeah, I've had their birtday cake. I thought it was just okay. You like it?

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      1. re: abe1329

        I haven't been there in awhile but I know they'll whip something up if you need something last minute.
        Does Delessio have cakes? If you want to trek across to the East Bay there are plenty of good options here.

        1. re: sugarbuzz

          Yeah Delessio has great cakes. My favorite. But I don't think they make plain white on white. I don't know anyone that does that because most people won't want something that plain. Maybe you can get something with strawberry or lemon filling in the middle and whipped cream on top.

          I also like the bakery Mazzetti's in Pacifica. Perfectly light white cakes with fruit and whipped cream. Course those are special order.

      2. Dianda's Italian American Pastry Co.--Mission Street

        or Citizen Cake

        1. Wow, a white on white cake isn't going to happen by just stopping by unless you get on the phone NOW and see if you can get an order in.

          Otherwise your choice is going to be supermarket cakes or Shuberts. I guess Dianda's or other Italian bakeries would have those rum custard cakes with whipped cream on them.

          As far as a straight buttercream cake, I don't think Shuberts rises above the supermarket bakeries by much. However, their strawberry shortcake cakes topped with whipped cream are delicious. I'm thinking this time of year you'd have to call today to get one.

          If you are looking for buttercream, as much as it has slipped, Just Desserts still makes the best white on white buttercream cake that I know. Don't know if you can still get one made for tommorrow though.

          Even Noe Valley you'd have to special order something like that. Destination Bakery gets a lot of positive reports here, but don't know how their cakes are there.

          Chestnut Street Bakery isn't too bad, but I'm stretching here to remember what their cake tastes like. Even so ... wherever you order ... call today.

          1. Hey, thanks for reminding me about Just Desserts. I thought they closed their retail store. The one on Church is very convenient for me too. I placed an order yesterday for their wite cake. It has a berry filling and cream cheese frosting. It's not the white on white my mom wanted but I remember it being outstanding. I really think they make a great cake. I hope it's as good as I remember. I used to LOVE their chocolate cake. So rich...yum! I know I made a better choice going J.D. versus Noe VAlley Bakery. I've said it before, I honestly think the Safeway birthday cake is better than the Noe Valley birthday cake (and obviously cheaper). Thanks again!