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Nov 11, 2006 02:53 PM

Nice Lunch Near Balboa Park - SD

Im looking for a nice restaurant to host a lunch for about 15 people near Balboa Park. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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  1. Laurel (I think there have been some recent positive reviews.) My other suggestion, for the view, not sure about the food as it's been a while, is Mr. A's - if it's still there. Also if you're willing to go about a mile or two north there is a lot of stuff in Hillcrest.

    1. Not sure if the Prado (located in Balboa Park) is open for lunch, but if they are that would be a good choice. I've heard good things about the lunch at Park Manor Suites, on 6th, but haven't been myself.

      1. Someone mentioned Laurel, but I don't think they do lunch. If the weather is fine, and if your budget can stand it, Bertrand at Mr. A's offers excellent food and a killer view. Finally, while some whose views I respect don't care for it, I like the Prado very much for lunch -- but then, to me, a great lunch is a delicious soup, a first-rate salad, and a nice bottle of chilled white.
        . . . jim strain in san diego.

        1. If you like Italian, you will LOVE Gemellis at 5th & Laurel. Right by the Laureal entrance to the park. Best Italian in the city...honest.

          1. Anyone have any other suggestions? Prado is booked and Laurel doesnt serve lunch. This is a luncheon following a graduation...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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              If you're willing to drive to downtown, Cafe Cerise puts on a good lunch (weekdays only). They should be able to accommodate 15 ppl. no problem.