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Nov 11, 2006 02:19 PM

sugarcane downtown peabody?

I noticed its not open yet. Any idea what kind of food they will be serving? I could have sworn there were a bunch of vietnamese guys hanging out there the other day. I am guessing it will be a thai or vietnamese place?

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  1. Vietnamese . . . the owners are the same folks who own Green Tea on the Lynnway. Soft opening is scheduled (hopefully) for the beginning of December.

    1. yeah vietnamese food! downtown peabody is right down the street from our house. Its a pain to drive to the other side of lynn to pho lynn. I am sure we will be frequent patrons.
      Not a big fan of the green tea restaurant so let's hope they serve better vietnamese food.

      1. no this is not a vietnamese resturant...its actually my cousin's place and the opening date is today..we are chinese.

        1. From what I understand, the menu will feature Vietnamese dishes with the usual Chinese dishes to satisfy the less adventurous. Was in attendance at the owner's private party last week, pre-opening. Unfortunately, the printer never showed up with the menus, so we're still in the dark as to the particulars. They've done a beautiful job of remodeling the place. Soft opening today so they can iron out those restaurant opening jitters.

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            That's too bad. I really think downtown peabody could handle a full vietnamese restaurant. My husband (he's from vietnam) will be happy as long as they serve pho and a few bbq pork chop with rice dishes. I will definitely check it out though. It is so close to our house.