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Nov 11, 2006 02:01 PM

Saturday Night - Bacar, Florio or Clementine?

My wife and I are going to dinner tonight with another couple. Everybody is looking for a good night out without too much hassle after long week. I know these restaurants are vastly different, especially Bacar, but any thoughts based on recent experiences?

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  1. I think Clementine might be the most relaxing. Report back

    1. Bacar can be pretty hopping, but once I'm settled in a booth it always feels very relaxed and comfortable. Service is usually very good. Great food, lots of choices, amazing wine list.

      1. Change in plans - going to Ristorante Milano

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          Milano is a very good choice. I have a friend who has eaten there at least once a week for 10 years.

          Florio has a menu that is relatively modest in scope. They do a steak&frites for two people that is pretty good.

        2. If you ever do go to Clementine--their Pain Perdu dessert is amazing. It's a must!!!

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            That dessert makes me cry, it's so good. Best dessert in the city, IMO.