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Nov 11, 2006 12:26 PM

Best New York-style cheesecake in Toronto?

Hello all you fellow hounds,

My hubby loves New York-style cheesecake. Where can I get the best of this in Toronto?

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  1. It isn't easy to buy, but it is very easy to make.

    Carole's Cheesecakes does it pretty well, though the crust isn't very good. If you don't see it around, they can tell you where to find it. Or get it at their their bakery (Castlefield and Ronald).

    Dufflet bakes some delicious cheesecakes, but the style you want (if they do, indeed, make it) isn't widely available.

    Loblaw's has a frozen PC version that is authentic in style, though I find it too sweet. (The Sara Lee NY Cheesecake is gross!)

    To make it, you can get the recipes for two of the best versions: Juniors and Lindys. Both are on the net. Use Philadelphia brand cheese (not light)

    For Juniors:

    For Lindys:

    1. I never use light cream cheese in my cheese cakes..I like all the good fattening stuff. I find one of the best Vanilla's to use is the real one from Mexico. If you do venture down that way on a vacation. I suggest buy some, its cheap and the 2nd best in the world besides vanilla from Madagascar. This makes a wicked flavourful vanilla cheese cake. Funny thing went on a cruise in January bought a bottle for $4 bucks american, went to St.Lawerence market and the same size bottle sold for $22 kidding..Tour boi

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      1. re: Tour boi

        I agree with you about Mexican vanilla. Actually, I think it tastes better than Madagascar. Note, though, that there are recurring scams involving something from Mexico that resembles vanilla in taste but is toxic. Wish I could remember more details.

        FYI, Western cream cheese makes much better cheesecake than Philadelphia. However, NY cheesecake needs the vegetable gum (present in Philadelphia and most other brands) to set up properly. With Western, which has no stabilizers, the cake will be too creamy.

      2. embee,
        Your response blew me away.
        I would have duplicated every word of your response.
        Dead on, except there are dozens of different recipes for Lindy's Cheesecake.
        I would need to try yours to see if it as good as mine. LOL
        And light cream cheese saves calories, but doesn't taste anyway like the "real thing".

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        1. re: erly

          Having actually eaten Lindy's cheesecake at the "real" Lindy's, which closed in the sixties (there is a pretender, but it's far from the real thing - Lindy's was an awesome restaurant of its type), I don't think the Lindy's recipe cited above is what that resto actually served. I think they used way more heavy cream in their day. But what mainly distinguishes the "Lindy's style" from others is the rich shortbread crust. Joan Nathan is a very reliable source of American-Jewish recipes, so I expect her version will taste right. The Junior's recipe is presumably direct from the source. I haven't made it in a few years, but it looks right.

          When I make a cheesecake, I tend to make a much creamier style, usually with Western cheese, boozy flavourings, and some sour cream (30%) and nuts or fresh fruit on top. A real NY cheesecake is resolutely plain, and most of the varieties available on the Junior's website are terrible. The famous award winning version has no toppings or flavourings (other than the vanilla).

          1. re: embee

            I thought that there wasn't a single person on this site as old as I am.
            Ate at the old Lindy's many times.
            Indeed the original, which I make is very creamy.
            I still use Philadelphia Cream Cheese and yes 30% sour cream.
            Cricket Club had a pastry chef Roland, for many years who replicated the original.
            I'll ask the club if he is working elsewhere in Toronto..

            1. re: erly

              The best cheesecakes in Toronto were made with Mandel's cream cheese. Western bought their recipe when they closed down in the late 90's, but will never come close to the Mandel's flavour.