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Nov 11, 2006 04:41 AM


Trying to think of someplace 'different' to try tomorrow night.....we are planning to meet friends in Hollywood. I've heard mixed things about Hatfields & I'm wondering what you think? Price isn't really important...being a westsider i really enjoy Josie, Valentino, Melisse, etc..... We've done La Terza, AOC, Luques......anything special and/or new worth trying? I'd love to try Mozz but don't know if I want to risk things without a parents we only get out once a week. Thanks for your time/suggestions.

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  1. Hatfield's is great. Small menu (5 appetizers, 5 entrees plus a tasting menu and a market menu), exquisitely prepared. Small, well chosen wine list. Friendly, competent service.

    1. Here is a recent post on the subject, which includes a bit of my input on the seating placement issue.