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Nov 11, 2006 03:08 AM

Anyone going to the Tamale Festival this weekend?

Thinking of going with some friends. Any thoughts/tips/suggestions?

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  1. Sounds good. Tell us more about it, such as when and where.

    1. I think it's the first weekend in December, in Indio. Yep, just checked: Or is there another one this weekend somewhere else?

        1. Sorry - I should have added the link. Burger Boy is correct and we're thinking of venturing down on the gold/red line this afternoon

          1. We're considering a trip to check it out tomorrow (Sunday). Did anybody go yet? Wondering if they had any ChowWorthy grub in addition to the tamales? Maybe Elote or Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog vendors?

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            1. re: sel

              just got back.
              had some nice tamales from "gourmet tamales" from pacoima.
              had a green pork, monterey jack and chili and a sweet pineapple tamale. these were really good.
              there are also churros, these gigantic tortas, bacon wrapped hot dog vendors (probably cheaper to buy them on alvarado), funnel cakes and other stuff.

              on the way over from street parking (1 block away) i was offered weed, a green card and saw a prostitute take cash out of her bra.


              1. re: modernist

                I agree, the masa from gourmet tamales is SO freaking moist and pillowy -- I easily overlooked (and perhaps even thankful) that their ratio to filling is a higher than what I normally like.