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Nov 11, 2006 01:25 AM

Help Drowing in Las Vegas Restaurants!- Need Solid Food w/o breaking the bank!

Need some help. For every restaurant with positive comments, there seems to be an equal amount of negative experiences. Need good solid dinner recs under $100/pp. Off stip o.k. as we have a car. Old school, but not stuffy a plus. Also, curious about Ortanique, Pearl, Chinois, if anyone's eaten there lately. Thank you.

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  1. Places that come to mind are definitely off the Strip. Places like Rosemary's ( $45 prix fixe menu ), Grape Street Cafe ( the chicken gorgonzola is really tasty ), and Marche Bacchus ( PHENOMENAL lunch spot on the patio ) really come to mind when I read what you wrote. I can't really think of anyone I know who have been to these places that have had any negative comments. There are literally a ton of places to eat on LVB but the quality is very up & down, usually the up comes with a heavy price tag.

    If I weren't going to eat off the Strip like that, then I would probably go to Bouchon at the Venetian. I've seen it get a lot of bad press but I can firmly attest that it's all in how you approach it. The room is absolutely gorgeous. Vaulted ceilings, cherry wood all throughout, full tile ... but it's all for a reason: because it's a BISTRO. Upscale bistro, yes. It's supposed to be loud, the service is supposed to be great but not 5-star ( this isn't the French Laundy -- so don't expect the TFL service ). You have to go into it thinking that way. Once you get past that, the food is fantastic. Some of the best chicken you will ever have.

    Anyway, Bouchon is pretty damn good IMO.

    1. My recommendations would also include Rosemarys as well as Todd's Unique. For a weekday lunch, I would go to Commanders Palace for the 3-course $18.80 lunchon special with 25 cent martinis.

      I believe Ortanique has closed. It is no longer listed on the Ballys/Paris websites.

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        If one were to pick between Todd's and Table 34, which should it be?

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          I concur with lvnvflyer, Todd's hands down over Table 34.

      2. We had one of our worst dinner experiences in Vegas ever at Orantique. It mid dinner we were told we would have to pay a cover for the music. I don't know if they still do that, but we were not warned in advance. Despite the fact that we only wanted to finish dinner and leave, and had no interest in music, and complained, they did not relinquish. I would never walk in there again!

        1. between table 34 and todd's definitely todd's. i would also consider koto, on eastern avenue in green valley, for sushi; excellent quality at a reasonable price. it depends a bit on what you like and how much you REALLY want to drive; I think once you are staying on the strip, it does become a bit of a pain to head out for meals. We had a good and pretty reasonably priced dinner at Red 8 in the Wynn recently; kind of their asian coffee shop. in the Forum Shops, Joe's Stone Crab is very solid and does have an "old school" vibe, although it is not an old school restaurant.

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            You mentioned Koto. We want to do sushi/japanese once, and I have booked Okada on the theory that for that meal we want to emphasize quality not quantity (we have tickets for a show at MGM at 8pm that eve. so don't want to overstuff). Given that criterion, would you suggest switching to Koto (or even Red 8???). We're trying for good value this trip and Okada is hard to fit into that box.

            Driving is no problem per se.

          2. We were at Chinois in late September. Quite frankly, I was not impressed by their food. Overpriced Asian fusion. Stir fried and soup noodles were underwhelming and missing a lot of the fresh, bright flavors you expect with those dishes. The only redeeming thing about the meal were the few sushi rolls we got and the Chinese Chicken Salad. Given that there are SO many other better places in Vegas, I would go elsewhere, even The Cheesecake Factory.

            For under $100/person, I'd do Rosemary's for off-strip. Wolfgang Puck's Cafe in MGM is easily under $100/person, great food and they also have the same Chinese Chicken Salad at Chinois. Emeril's NO Fish House is also very good, under $100/person. Fix at Bellagio is in the same price range, although the dining experience is like eating in a classy bar/nightclub (ie: loud atmosphere).