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Nov 11, 2006 12:31 AM

Moderately priced b-day for a group (6-8), Studio City-ish area?

Hey, all.

Looking for a good b-day place for a friend. Some of the invitees are grad students, so we have to keep it reasonably priced. Feeble suggestions so far range from Buca di Beppo to Pinot Bistro, but nothing is jumping out at me. I don't know this area well--any suggestions?

A reasonably quiet place would be a great perk...but I know they're hard to find. (sigh)


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  1. Well Buca de Beppo is disgusting and cheap...Pinot Bistro is in another league....very very good.

    If you want something reasonable and can bring your own wine...go to Petite Bistro in Studio City next to the Great Greek. Very good food and reasonable.

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      I've enjoyed Risotto in Studio City near Coldwater which is reasonable, has an attractive patio (and low corkage--$7). Outtake Bistro also is quiet, tasty food, well-priced. A favorite Italian is Ca' del Sol (reasonable--I think all entrees are under $20, pasta is of course less. Can bring own wine. Menu's on line if you want to check it out). Very attractive restaurant both inside & out (nice patio). It's on Cahuenga, just off of Lankershim (probably would be my #1 pick of these for a celebration. I've enjoyed a few friends' b-day dinners there.)

    2. Cafe Bizou in Sherman Oaks is perfect for a group on a budget.
      Very decent food and $3 corkage - I don't think any entree is over 20 and you can add a soup of salad to that for $2.

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      1. re: bodie

        It's pretty good and incredibly cheap. However, it was discovered by the Valley senior community and it gets mobbed early on the weekends. (They need to take their pills.) Either go late, or switch to Pinot Bistro, which I'm sure you'll like.

      2. Hortobagy - Hungarian

        Sample Entrees:
        $11.95 - Spicy Chicken Fettuchi
        $13.95 - Salmon Filet
        $15.95 - Weiner-Schnitzel or Roast Duck

        $1.00 - For the house Soup or Salad

        $12.95 to $16.95 per person food only (You don't have to spend any more unless they just recently raised their prices).

        11138 Ventura Blvd.
        Studio City
        (818) 980-2273