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Bakery Needed for Pumpkin and Apple Pie

I really need a good Pumpkin Pie and Apple Pie for the holidays where do I go.

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  1. The 'hounds seem to rave about Filling Station's pies:


    plan to try it myself - eventually


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      My favorite if Filling Station followed closely by Al Gelato... it's HUGE though....

      I had a really niec apple pie from Susie cakes recently! A bit plain, but really great crust and just the right texture of the apples. :)


      1. Filling Station pies are huge and good; although if you don't live in OC, getting down there to pick them up can be a PITA. My absolute favorite pumpkin pies are the ones Josie Restaurant sells for the holidays (http://www.josierestaurant.com/ ). They're expensive, and not as large as Filling Station pies, but I think they're better. The pumpkin cake and pecan pie at Josie are also excellent. I don't think, however, that they have apple pies.

        1. I need more of someone in the Valley...live in Encino and that would be a shelp on the day before Turkey day.

          1. I'm not proud...Costco. Good tasty party sized pies.

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            1. i recently went to Europane in pasadena and all their baked goods were awesome. We had a pumpkin square thing that ridiculously so light and custardy and delicious. I imagine their pies would be great, and there was a sign saying they are taking orders for the holidays.

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                Did they post prices for their holiday pies? And what types were they offering?

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                  you know, unfortunately i didn't look that closely. apple and pumpkin were definitely on the list, as well as a rustic apple pie, and as i recall, they were in the $25 range, but this is all from my shoddy memory, so your best would be to call.

              2. The pumpkin pie at Urrth Cafe makes me weak in the knees.

                Consistency-- perfect. Creamy, lump free, not too heavy. Holds up to a fork but isn't jello-hard.
                Flavor -- great balance between pumpkin and spice. Not too subtle, not overwhelming.
                Crust-- heavenly. Thick, crumbly crumb crust with a nice rich molasses-y flavor.

                By the slice they serve it with their lightly sweetened fresh whipped cream... and they are also taking orders for whole pies at the moment.

                  1. there is a location in WeHo, Santa Monica, and the one I go to is just south of wilshire on Beverly Drive.


                    (it's actually urth caffe, i've been spelling it wrong all this time.. double "f", not double "r")

                    1. What about Porto's? My co-workers have been raving about their "holiday" pies and I cant wait to try them at our company Tksgvng potluck next week.

                      Locations in Burbank and Glendale

                      1. Urth for pumpkin, Susina or Apple Pan for apple.

                        (Susina has a pumpkin mouse tart which is good if you want something more upscale).

                        1. I had the best Pumpkin Pie Variation this weekend at Surfas cafe... it was a Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake with Cranberries in a Ginger Snap crust. The pumpkin Pie Layer was so creamy and wonderfully spiced. The cranberry cheesecake layer on top add just the right texture and tartness to contrast the spiciness of the pumpkin. Then the crust, although the Ginger Snap could have been more pronounced, it definatly was a better match choice than a standard flakey crust or a graham cracker crust.


                          1. Union Bakery in South Pasadena has a great Pumpkin Pie.
                            1138 Fair Oaks Ave
                            South Pasadena, CA 91030
                            (626) 403-1850

                              1. APPLE PAN hands down the best apple pie in the city, i have yet to taste the one at susina but it is definitely on my food to do list...but so far the apple pan's apple pie just cant be beat, perfect crust and everything and ooooh that sauce they give you with the pie, warm it up and pour it on top, just delish!

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                                  I found the Apple pan's apple pie to be mediocre at best. Actually, I think I've had better frozen apple pies. I ordered a Dutch apple pie from Four and Twenty on Van Nuys...there's also one in North Hollywood, accross from Gelson's. Their lunch and dinner food ain't too hot, but the pies are pretty darn good.

                                  you could always try Bea's bakery in Woodland Hills

                                2. What area?? If you're in Burbank, I saw someone suggest Porto's. Also Martinos Bakery has great fruit pies, pumpkin as well. http://www.martinosbakery.com/