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Indian Cuisine at Yonge and Eglinton

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Does anyone know of a good restuarant in the Y+E area for Indian food?

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  1. Bombay Bhel is there

    1. Chef of India, on Eglinton just east of Yonge. One of the best luncheon buffet in town.

      1. Chef of India is a great place...excellent service and mouth watering food! It's my favourite Indian in the city! Make sure you try the Chicken Korma!

        1. I vote for Chef of India, as well. It's the best Indian buffet you can find and a real bargain, too--alas, the buffet is strictly lunch, and dinner must be ordered from the menu. What's also noteworthy about Chef of India, given my experiences in this city's Indian restaurants, is that the restaurant is clean, tastefully decorated, and the servers are cheery and helpful!

          1. Jaipur Grill is about 3 blocks south of Eglinton, if you want good quality without it being a buffet.

            1. Chef Of India

              It's fantastic. Best Tandoori Chicken I ever ate.
              Excellent veggie pakoras as well.
              The Naan is incredible too.


              1. Thanks everyone.....I'll try them.

                I did find another restaurant, just opened 5 wks ago. It's called Tabla, it's about 1/2 block north of Sporting Life on Yonge St.

                Food was good, but the servers are still trying to figure their way around.

                1. I myself posted this questions awhile ago and got the same response of Chef of India from everyone. I heard really good about the lunch buffet and thought I would wait until I could do that. I don't work in that area so it took a while but I finally made it there yesterday for lunch.
                  I feel in love with the Butter Chicken. It was the most favlourful butter chicken I have had yet (I admit I haven't eaten indian food that often). I was a little worried about going on a Monday to a buffet but there were enough customers in the place to keep the food fresh. I ate way too much food. Also if you like to people watch I recommend sitting by the window, there is always lots going on.

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                    ^^agree about the windows!
                    Boy, do I ever want to go there tonight-great service too..