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Nov 10, 2006 10:34 PM

Bloom Cafe on Pico(formerly Posh & Sierra Bonita) now open

Had lunch today at Bloom Cafe, the newish place on Pico where Posh and Sierra Bonita Cafes used to sit side by side. Who did I run into but Arnaud Palatan, the former owner of Pastis the French Bistro on Beverly that I like so much?
He just opened the place around 2 weeks ago or so. Done in sort of avocado green and white. Features breakfast and lunch from 8-4 every day, with around 20 seats outdoors, and maybe half again that many inside.
Breakfast items are interestingly different in a healthy-type of way. Brioche, whole wheat, no white, walnut raisin, etc. types of goodness. 6-8 different salads, interesting sounding sandwiches, even fish tacos on wheat tortillas, and a whole host of slightly different dishes that really sounded appealing.
Had just returned from Philharmonic rehearsal so was thinking lunch, sort of, and thus had eggs and veggie links(really good), with a green salad and passed on any bread product, but had a very good cup of coffee.
Companion raved about the poached egg dish and the cafe au lait.
Total $16.51 plus tip.
Former Posh space will become their pizza and juice/smoothies/to go section in next few weeks when construction is completed.
5544 W. Pico, 323.934.6900 is the web site yet has no menu up yet.

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  1. anyone have any idea what's going on with either the sierra bonita cafe or posh people?

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      The website is still operative and they still post that they are looking for a location. I heard Sierra Bonita just wanted out.

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        As the former owner of Sierra Bonita, I just wanted to let you know that both the owner of Posh and myself sold our restaurants to Mr. Palatan, formerly of Pastis. I heard that there were positive comments about Bloom on Chowhound, so I wanted to add some of my own. I have been several times myself and can honestly say that the food keeps getting better and better. I had a delicious Mozzarella and Tepanade Tartin the other day, with shoestring fries, and couldn't be happier with it had it been my own. It takes time to work the kinks out of a new venture and to establish the menu. I hope that you will all give it many more chances, and try the veggie sandwiches.
        As for the fate of Sierra Bonita Cafe, I was made an attractive offer and was in the middle of an ugly lawsuit with the neighbors at Posh; the best solution for all of us was to settle by selling and walking away without making our lawyers any richer. If there is any more demand for my pain au chocolate french toast, I would be glad to share the recipe. I will also announce here, (if the moderators allow it) whether I will be opening another cafe anytime soon. In the meantime, I have alot more time on my hands now to enjoy the many wonderful places to eat in this great city. Chow-On! Patricia

    2. how sad, i did like the burgerr )latin burger at posh on pico, and always wanted to try the pain au chocolat french toast at sierra bonita cafe, now i won't get the chance, oh, well.

      what else is on the bloom menu?

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        Kevin - since the place is French-owned, your pain au chocolat french toast might still be doable. After only 2 weeks, this place and the menu are both works in progress. If you stop in, look at the menu which he told me is being modified next Tuesday and check it out. He is very outgoing and was the heart and soul of Pastis when he owned it.
        Burgers, omelets/egg dishes, salads, sandwiches, the above-mentioned fish tacos(surprised me!), and many non alcoholic beverages including a wide variety of specialty coffee drinks.

      2. i ate there this morning. great. i had huevos rancheros with white beans that was outstanding. very nice simple interior with lots of natural light, and friendly service.
        the pound cake was excellent also. not too sweet. baked fresh daily.
        i will be back often. i am not usually a go out to breakfast person with the exception of campanile on weekends or julliene in san marino. this place is just as good with much better prices.

        1. I wanted to like Bloom, as it's a cute room, but perhaps it's better for breakfast. I had a grilled salmon salad, and the salmon fillets were extremely salty, while the potato chunks in the salad were nearly raw. We did have a nice chocolatey dessert though, some kind of mousse pastry. But really, how hard is it to boil a potato?

          1. We ate there this morning and had a fantastic meal. I had the above-mentioned huevos rancheros and my boyfriend had some excellent almond granola pancakes that he raved about the whole ride home. We also shared a fruit bowl and each had a drink. All this for $22 before tip! They were pretty slammed this morning (I'm sure because of SIV's review in this week's calendar section) and I think that affected the service somewhat as they appeared a little overwhelmed. We'll definitely be back!

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