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Nov 10, 2006 09:40 PM

Can you name just two?

I will be travelling to New Orleans soon (for the first time) and have been looking around the board for ideas. Can you give me two names?
1. The restaurant that in your opinion is the epitome of New Orleans - can be fancy or humble.
2. A place that has authentic, downhome cuisine - I'm hoping for Grandma in the kitchen.

At this point in my research I am guessing 1. Galatoires and 2. Mother's (?)

My visit will be brief - please help me narrow this down!!


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  1. 1. Galatoire's
    2. Upperline (though Granny will not be in the kitchen)


    1. Granny does not work in the kitchen at Mother's either.

      1. Sorry, I was looking for the metaphorical Granny in the kitchen. I should have been more clear.

        1. 1. Galatoire's for Creole, K-Paul's for Cajun (far out, nouveau Cajun, but still the wholly Cajun)
          2. Cafe Reconcile. And it's a good cause.

          1. 1. Galatoire's or dick and jenny's embodies newer new orleans cuisine, maybe cochon for the best new look on cajun....

            2. mother's is the easiest to get to, but if you want to travel a little bit...liuzza's, liuzza's by the track or casamento's if you like oysters fixed anyway...