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Nov 10, 2006 09:31 PM

Great everyday red wine

Santonegro 2005 Monastrell -- an excellent, food friendly wine at $5.99 at Trader Joe's.

From the producer's site -- Tasting note: It has a violet red cherry color, aromas of red fruit, it is velvety and balanced on the palate, with excellent tannins.

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  1. Ruggero di Tasso ...Nero D'Avola available at TJ's ($5 range).

    I also like the Terra Australis Shiraz, also available at TJ's.

    1. By "everyday" I assume you're looking for an excellent red wine "reasonably priced":

      Chilean Cabernet
      Argentinian malbec
      Calif. Zinfandel
      Italian Valpolicella ripasso
      Spanish tempranillo
      Aussie Shiraz


      1. Am drinking Penascal Tempranillo tonight from Publix @ $5.99...really quite good! Am surprised but am totally enjoying it!

        1. Norton (Malbec) so delicious and never more than $8.99
          Alamos (also Malbec) under $12

          1. Castano Yecla Monastrell $5.95-$6.99. I like even better than the Santonegro. To my tongue same depth of flavor and more complexity. Blows away any comparably priced Aussies. Your results may differ.


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            1. re: Ed Dibble

              Hill & Dale Pinotage, South Africa $8-9
              Panarroz, Jumilla, Spain $7-9

              1. re: RichardA

                If you're in the Bay Area, my husband bought a bunch of the Jumilla Panarroz at Grocery Outlet in Berkeley for 99 cents a bottle. It's alright, I guess.

              2. re: Ed Dibble

                Is the Castano Yecla also available at Trader Joe's?

                1. re: Husky

                  No, I have found it at Whole Foods and at a bevarage discounter.