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Nov 10, 2006 09:05 PM

Thumbs down in Richland Center WI

Had a really poor quality lunch this past week at Cafe Fiesta Fe. It has been about four years since dining there, so was expecting a pleasant and delicious meal. Was greeted with a dirty menu instead of the chips and salsa I remembered. I ordered a combination plate of pork burrito and beef tostada. The totilla was so greasy and the toppings so drippy, that the whole thing collapsed when I went to pick it up and take a bite. The accompanying rice and refried beans were flavorless and small in portion size. The bill with a diet soda and tip was $11. The breath of freshness and excitement that used to be there, has been blown out of this Main Street storefront. Too bad, it had been a nice addition to the limited dining available in this part of the state.

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  1. Hi WI LouLou,

    New to this site....I just responded to your Aug. question of the sauerkraut salad. I posted the recipe. Enjoy!