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Nov 10, 2006 09:01 PM

BLT Steak or Old Homestead Tonight?

Hello -

I am taking a friend out to celebrate a promotion. I have reservations at BLT Steak and Old Homestead. Old Homestead strikes me as loud and less formal, BLT Steak a bit nicer. Which would you suggest?


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  1. If the person has never been to a New York steakhouse, Old Homestead and Keens are the best places to start. They are both loud. BLT Steak has a less traditional steakhouse menu but is a little more "upscale". If you want old school, stick with Old Homestead, if you want something a little more quiet, stick with BLT. If you can change the reservation, you may want to go to Keens, Sparks or the Strip House.

    1. I would just go for the food... which has better steak, and sides?

      I have heard Sparks has not been as consistent lately... Strip House was booked.

      1. The steak at both places are about the same, I might give a slight edge to BLT. The side dishes at BLT Steak, however, are very good and IMO much better than OH. The parmesan gnocchi is terrific. They also have a great Dover Sole if you were considering fish. If the choice is between those 2, BLT is your better bet.