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Nov 10, 2006 08:46 PM

In a bind over Italian Food!

So I have hip, sophisticated in-laws in town and wanted to go to Bellavite (haven't been there before), but the first reservation was at 10:30.

1. Since they close at 12:00, is this too late to enjoy a meal by the time we sit down?
2. Worse case- is Da Andrea an equal substitute?


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  1. Are you sure they close at 12? Sometimes the published closing time is just the time the kitchen closes . . .

    1. i just went to bellavitae for the first time last night.

      i wasn't blown away. the food was tasty in a simple sort of way. i wouldn't say the place was hip though. if you're looking for hip, sophisticated italian, i'd recommend Falai if you can get in.

      1. I love Da Andrea, the food is great, but it would be a stretch to consider it a place for the "hip and sophisticated". Bellavitae was okay, not great, but in fairness I went when they first opened. Not many places come to mind that fit your needs and would have availability. Falai is a good rec but it may be difficult to get in. Are you looking for hip and sophisticated food or atmosphere?

        1. Definitely don't go to Bellavitae. I had a terrible dinner there over the summer. Service was lousy, food was overly saturated in olive oil and just not good in general.