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Nov 10, 2006 08:40 PM

CORNDOGS!!! Who makes the best?!

I have been a corndog lover for years and have noticed a recent uprising of gourmet corndogs on menus in LA. Just last week I tried a kobe corndog at Boa which was a letdown, and I know that Sunset Beach also has a gourmet version on their menu, which I will be trying very shortly. Is there any other place that serves a killer corndog I'm not aware of??? I live in West Hollywood but am willing to drive!!!

Thanks for your help :)

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  1. Disneyland or Disney's California Adventure. At DL, it's the cart right off of main street. In CA, it's the Hot Dog Castle towards the lower corner of the park. These are FRESH battered, good spiced dog BEAUTIIES... :)


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    1. re: Dommy

      I agree, plus they're ginormous corn dogs. In DL they're in the red wagon, and in DCA they're in the Corn Dog Castle. A little pricey though, when I need my corn dog fix I've been known to go for them at Wienerschnitzel, and right now they're on special for $0.79 each.

      My favorite part? Getting down to that little nugget of batter at the bottom of the stick, so good!

      1. re: kingkong5

        Concur on Disneyland's corn dogs. I've been enjoying these for years. It's gotten more and more expensive these days, but then what isn't at the park.

        1. re: kingkong5

          And if you're one of those chowhounds who would go to Disneyland just for the corn dog, you are talking about one astronomically priced dog!

          1. re: sku

            Well, considering that I live less than 2 miles from Disneyland, and I'm also an Annual Passholder, getting the corn dogs is pretty easy and lighter on the wallet ;-)

            They cost about $5 though, so it's not exactly cheap eats even if there wasn't a cost to get into the park. They are, however, much better than the hot dog on a stick.

            1. re: kingkong5

              Me too. Annual Passport holder that is.

              But I think the price of a corn dog is now something to the order of $8 now. But it includes a bag of greasy Lay's chips! Woo hoo! Tourist-trappy goodness!


              1. re: elmomonster

                At DL, they just let you buy the Corndog, but in DCA you have to buy the whole 'meal'...


                1. re: Dommy

                  Actually you can get just the corndog at DCA if you ask
                  (it's not on the menu) but you only save around $.70.

                  1. re: writergirl

                    I did ask and was DENIED... Grrr... Perhaps it depends on the cast member you get! :)


                    1. re: Dommy

                      just had one tonight. really great batter, juicy hot dog, not too salty. $5.80 for corn dog and bag of lays chip.

                      1. re: Dommy

                        That sucks! I got a corn dogs sans chips in about July of this year, don't know if they changed their policy, or if it varies by cast member.

          2. re: Dommy

            Actually the Little Red Wagon at Disneyland is vastly superior to Corn Dog Castle at DCA. Perhaps it's the fact that the frying turnover rate is a lot faster so you get a fresher product because at DCA the cheese dogs were still solid and the batter on the dogs weren't as good.

            1. re: digkv

              I've never had that happen to me when I go the DCA. Maybe it's all in the timing, but I always see them making it fresh when I am there.

              1. re: digkv

                Actually, I found quite the opposite to be true. The last time I had a dog from the red wagon, it tasted like rancid grease. DCA dogs have always been fresh and good.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                I went and tried a Hot Dog on a Stick from the Arcadia Westfield mall a few weeks back. It had easily been at least 25 years since the last time I had one. I found the external corn breading to be very bland. The dog itself seemed over processed and bland as well... The fries were nothing to write home about either. Over all, the impression I got was that this food was "tuned" for young children.

                I can however report that the lemonade was great.

              2. It's not called the OC Swap Meet anymore, but on weekends where the fairgrounds are in Costa Mesa, they still have the swap meet (it's called OC Marketplace or something like that now). There is a stand that makes freshly dipped corn dogs there too, and they're about $2.50 I think. Very Very good, especially with a beer followed by walking around looking at all of the swap meet junk for sale.

                1. I would definitely go to Disneyland just for the corndog...and mauybe a ride on the teacups!!! I paid $11 for my "kobe" corndog at Boa and it didn't wasn't near as yummy as Hot Dog On A Stick...Sunset Beach & Disneyland are next!

                  Thanks guys, I will give you a full report!!!!

                  1. My sentiments exactly, ipsedixit!