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Nov 10, 2006 08:39 PM

Lodge dutch oven mystery

Just took possession of a Lodge Logic dutch oven. The underside of the lid is sporting a sinister pattern of spikes. Anyone able to clue me in on their purpose?

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  1. Starting to think along the lines of built-in tenderizer.

    1. I believe the spikes direct condensation that collects on the lid back down into the pot.

      1. The spikes are there to evenly distribute the liquid that is formed when the water vapor(steam) rises and condenses back to water on the lid. If the spikes were not there they would run all the way back to the edge and run down the side and water-log the edges.

        Some pots have a set of concentric rings that have been cast into the lid. It is a different end for the same purpose.

        1. It's the same basic principle as a tagine.