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Nov 10, 2006 08:21 PM

Hot dogs, where is the grain feed hot dog stand in Crissy Fields??

anyone? Suppose to be really good my pooch and I are heading down Sat. Thanks

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    1. It's grass fed, not grain fed fyi.
      A good dog.

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      1. re: sensi63

        Sorry, I have to disagree. I thought that this was one of the worst hot dogs I've ever eaten -- couldn't finish it. It was flabby, tasteless, and it needed salt. Yukkk!!

        1. re: Nancy Berry

          It tasted great to me. The dog itself has 435 mg of Sodium. I am sure the mustard and ketchup I added kicked in another couple of hundred mg. I am surprised you found it not salty enough. Thats over 25% the RDA of sodium!

          1. re: sensi63

            When I eat hot dogs, I'm putting aside my concerns about the RDA of sodium. I know that they are full of the stuff and am willing to accept that I'm probably going to overindulge in sodium when I eat them. That's why I don't eat them that often. But when I do eat a hot dog, I want it to taste like something and salt adds to the taste I expect. So do garlic and paprika and other spices. There was no hint of spice, garlic, meat flavor, ANY flavor in the hot dog I tried at Crissy Field. It was just terrible. As for the mustard and ketchup, it should be a crime to put ketchup on a hot dog, and they didn't even have any deli mustard or brown mustard to put on it -- just some sharp tasting yellow mustard. Again --- Yukkk!!!

            1. re: Nancy Berry

              You are a hot dog fascist. The horror at use of ketchup gives em away every time. As though its a crime to put ketchup on a dog. I used to do it in Chicago, on Maxwell Street, and they always said "It does not belong", but they offered it anyway, so the demand must be there somewhere. Are you sure you went to lets be frank? I had mine a candlestick, and there was brown mustard, grilled onions and nice flavor...

              1. re: sensi63

                I think that fascist is a bit strong. I'm sorry if I offended you. I was joking -- my husband likes ketchup on his hot dogs and we have a running joke-like argument about ketchup's appropriateness on franks. The OP's question was about the Let's be Frank cart near the Warming Hut at Crissy Field. That's where I had my terrible hot dog with awful mustard. Perhaps the franks at the ballpark (I've only seen another one of these carts in front of the Acme Chophouse at Pac Bell Park, not at Candlestick) were better.

                1. re: Nancy Berry

                  Sorry if I offended, I was joking too... I thought if there is a soup nazi, why not a hotdog fascist. No offense intended, to each his or her own. May all of your hot dog eating experiences be good, peaceful, and in the spirit of global harmony and equality.

                  1. re: sensi63

                    You guys are hilarious...

                    Clint Eastwood testifies for Nancy Berry:


                    Sensi63 counters with Matt LeBlanc:


                    1. re: Gary Soup

                      That *is* hilarious. CLINT EASTWOOD vs. matt leblanc -- no contest!!

      2. interesting. thanks

        I miss my stand in LA some 8 years ago.

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        1. re: Lori SF

          I was dubious, but now I'm a convert. Loved the Nathan's mustard and carmelized onions too.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I had my first at a Dog Fair (how appropriate!) in Dolores Park maybe 6 weeks ago...I loved them...natural casing so they had that POP!!! Chunky texture, real beef flavor..with grilled onions, and brown deli mustard...They said they sell them at Bi Rite...but when I went the first time they were out.....soooo, the second time I called first, and had them reserve some for me....they sometimes have them pre-packaged, and sometimes loose behind the meat counter...I will be buying them again...!

        2. thanks Melanie for the thread. I wanted to try myself today but the rain may postphone this once again.