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Favorite Pasta Dish

I know most people crave a bowl of delicious pasta at some point or another. I'm curious to get some recommendations of what your favorite pasta dish is. Could be neighborhood trattoria to Spago, tomato based, cream sauce, whatever your fancy. Any pasta dish that makes you smile when you think about it....

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  1. Two of my favorites are the pasta with bottarga from Madeo on Beverly and the spaghetti al'amatriciana from Farfalla on Hillhurst.

    (310) 859-4903
    8897 Beverly Blvd
    West Hollywood, CA 90048


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      I enjoy the amatriciana at Farfalla, but find it surpassed by the Bombolotti al'amatriciana at Angelini Osteria, which is sublime.

    2. Gnocchi’s with rosemary chicken from Naples in Downtown Disney and the lobster raviolis from Macaroni Grill

      1. Ravioli or gnocchi in red sauce at Al Gelato in Beverly Hills. Fabulous old school red sauce. Papardelle in porcini mushroom ragu or spaghetti carbonara at Enoteca Drago. Orichette in Lamb Ragu at Il Pastaio.

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          By any chance does Al Gelato deliver? Is there an online menu?

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            Al Gelato does not deliver, and parking on Robertson really sucks. It's also cash only.

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              One of my favorite pasta dishes is Al Gelato's ravioli in their homemade red tomato sauce, or their gnocchi in pesto. You can't go wrong. As for parking, I agree that parking on Robertson stinks (I've had better luck on the side streets, like Gregory Ave).

        2. Squid ink trenette with smoked salmon cream sauce at La Buca on Melrose.

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            Sounds wonderful!! I love squid ink pasta... La Buca is a favorite of mine too... for their Gnocchi. For stuffed pasta, nothing beats Alejo's Canelloni


          2. Pumpkin gnocchi at Zucca in downtown LA.

            1. Agnolotti with truffle at Spago

              1. chicken, asparagus, sun dried tomatoes and linguine in a parmesean broth at maggiano's (originally comes with farfalle but I substitute with linguine). Get a full order ($15) and more than enough for 2. I ate it 4 times in one week once. which reminds me I need to go back ASAP....

                1. anything in red sauce at al gelato. does anybody know the secret to that sauce?! i'm dying to know!

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                    I think it is lots of sugar and meat bones

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                      I think it's sugar, too. I'd like them better if they didn't overcook their pasta all the time.

                  2. not a fancy dish from a restaurant but homemade, is penne, with spicy sausage and my moms homemade pepper sauce, its tomatoey and spicy and sweet at the same time. great comfort food

                    1. Linguini scampi at Domenico's in Pasadena

                      1. Ravioli stuffed with Ricotta, Swiss chard, oozing Egg Yolk, covered in Alba White Truffles. VALENTINO

                        1. Pasta Pescatore in the pink sauce at Carmine's. Dee-lishus!! I also like the Cioppino at Maria's Italian Kitchen (ask for some of the red sauce to add to it - really makes a difference!).

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                            I get the red sauce PP,and my wife gets the white.

                          2. I had a lobster pasta dish at Patina once (years ago, on Melrose) that I still think about.

                            But by far, the best pasta dish (and probably the best dish, period) I've ever had was when a friend of mine prepared the French Laundry recipe for butter-poached lobster meat served on mascarpone-spiked orzo ("Mac and cheese", as Thomas Keller calls it)

                            1. the bolognese at la scala

                              1. veal (shank? maybe) agnolotti at angelini osteria. if you see this on the menu there, you must order it! yum. little pasta packets of heaven. their lasagna is also amazing. ooh and their tagliolini al limone.. mmm.

                                1. My very favorite is the cannelloni at Rombies in Huntington Beach.

                                  1. Pumplin ravioli at Lugatti's, Huntington Beach. Agree w/OP about canneloni at Rombi's, also.

                                    1. I recently had lobster cavatelli at Grace and it blew my socks off-just melts in your mouth. lobster, cavatelli, chanterelle,cream and sweet peas. amazing.

                                      1. The lasagne al forno at Vincenti doesn't suck. Nearly perfect of type.

                                        1. SPAGHETTI INTEGRALI PRIMAVERA made with whole wheat pasta at il forno on ocean park

                                          2901 Ocean Park Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405

                                          1. I second the Nonna Elvira lasagna at Vincenti. But even more unique is their osso buco tortelloni. Large pasta packets stuffed with shredded osso buco mixed with parmigiano reggiano and ricotta, sauced with fresh tomato and mixed wild mushrooms. The last time I had it my dinner companion actually licked the plate (we were eating in the bar, so she did it unobserved). Also on Friday night they had a white truffle special ravioli which was stuffed with fresh burrata, tossed with sauteed porcini and showered with an ounce of white truffle. Sublime. Granted, at $80. an ounce it is an indulgence, but Giorgio Baldi is charging $130. an ounce, so it's a relative bargain.

                                            1. Pasta is an artform. Eating excellent pasta is one step away from heaven. Here are my faves:

                                              1 -- Mezzomondo. Homemade parpadelle with duck ragu. Wow. Any of their ravioli with pink sauce. That always hits the spot.

                                              2 -- La Buca -- Now everybody knows there's gnocchi and then there's *gnocchi*... Some gnocchi jams in your throat on the way down and almost instantly forms in your stomach into a stodgy brick of potato or flour (or, more fatally, both). A few bites and you're pushing your plate away and reaching for a cleansing gulp of wine to cut through the paste.

                                              Then there's the kind of gnocchi that will spoil your palate forevermore. You will never be able to order the stuff again because you have sampled the ambrosia that is Mamma Buca's gnocchi.

                                              When I was last there, these delightful gnocchi were plump and pillowy, indented and perfectly hand-formed blobs of pure heaven. I got them dressed with a sublime and silky pink vodka sauce that was attractively speckled with finely cut parsley and not at all salty (hate that!) At $16.75 it was a pricey but substantial dish, half of which served me well the next day for lunch when reheated in the microwave. When I asked for my ample leftovers to be bagged, I also asked our waiter to return the plate so I could lick it clean. I might have actually done that if he'd taken me seriously... It is a small place...

                                              3 -- At Angelini Osteria, Nonna's legendary Lasagne Verdi comes dressed with vibrant, deep fried basil leaves and will leave an indelible impression on that corner of your mind reserved for fond memories of fine meals.


                                              1. Kate Mantellini's pasta...not sure of the name.

                                                It's got spiral noodles, rock shrimp, scallops, tomatoes, basil (or arugala), oil and lemon. It's accompanied with a large piece of toast with bruschetta.

                                                Lite, refreshing and delicious!

                                                1. Pasta with squid ink sauce (not squid ink pasta) - simple but sublime. I had it multiple times in Venice, Italy but still can't find it here.