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Nov 10, 2006 07:49 PM

TD Garden Lunch Suggestions


I work right near the Garden and have quickly tired of the areas limited options The Fours, Beer Works & Anthem.

I am looking for lunch suggestions. Figure Friday long lunch, sit-down kinda places. Would like to walk and feel that to include the North End and Beacon Hill but bore quickly of downtown. Looking for good eats and / or cool places, up to $20 all in would be fine, a little more for a great spot.


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  1. Have you tried Harvard Gardens on Cambridge St., near Charles Circle? Very tasty food, in a "gastropub" type atmosphere. Their mac and cheese is really good.

    I also happen to like Phoenicia, the Lebanese restaurant on Cambridge St., a couple of blocks away from Harvard Gardens (towards Government Center).

    On Charles St., near Charles Circle, there's the King and I, which is very good Thai food.

    Also, last week, I ate for the first time at the Grand Canal, on Canal St. It was suprisingly good for that area. I had a salmon nicoise salad with a big piece of grilled salmon on top of a Nicoise-style salad (green beans, artichoke hearts, greens, but no potatoes).

    1. Grotto on Bowdoin Street serves lunch-- close walk.