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Nov 10, 2006 07:44 PM

Trying to find cornmeal in L.A.

All the major markets in Studio City, Gelson's, Ralph's etc. said all cornmeal brands like Albers were pulled because of insect infestation. I haven't been able to find anything about this or find cornmeal for sale! Is this all over L.A. or just Stud City?

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  1. I don't know about an insect infestation, but in the recent thread on Surfas, cornmeal was a particular item that people recommended getting there.

    Here's a link to the thread:

    1. You can also buy as much as you need at the bulk bins at Whole Foods markets.

      1. On 10-26-2006 I posted the same question here is the answer I received from
        ADM and Nestlé initiated an investigation after Nestlé heard from consumers who reported finding insects in their ALBERS products. The products affected are ALBERS Yellow Corn Meal in 20 oz. cartons, 40 oz. cartons and 5 lb. bags, ALBERS White Corn Meal in 20 oz. cartons and 40 oz. cartons, and ALBERS Quick Grits in 20 oz. cartons, 40 oz. cartons and 5 lb. bags.

        1. No wonder I couldn't find any. My local grocery has been out for weeks.

          I've bought corn meal at Whole Foods - in the package, not from the bin - and I found it was actually too coarse a grind for my purposes. Is the stuff in the bin any better?

          1. While I am not in the market for cornmeal per se, I have been very disappointed to find that Trader Joe's has been out of the cornmeal pizza crust for months. No one at TJ's could even explain to me "why" other than to say "oh, yeah, I guess we haven't had it for a while". Anyway, as of today, still out.

            Oh, and another thing: The gyoza company TJs uses has gone belly up. My world is falling apart, people. Falling apart.